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Amazon Cloud Cam Review

Amazon has extended its smart home reach from voice assistants to security cameras with its indoor security camera at a reasonable price that not only show you who is at the door but allows you to unlock it as well. It offers equivalent quality and subscription plans as any other favorite camera like Netgear Arlo pro or Nest Cam IQ Indoor. In short, it has everything we love about Amazon and this camera distinguishes itself as the right balance for home security.  Read on the review on Amazon’s first home security camera.

Amazon Cloud Cam Features:

Cloud storage
Simple installation
Steadfast performance
Smart Home Integration
Easy app
Reasonable price

Easy installation

The Amazon Cloud Cam Security camera, is really easy to set up even in comparison to the simple Nest Cam IQ indoor camera. First plug the Cloud cam, download the app and follow the pairing instructions. The app will discovered the camera instantly via Bluetooth, then after entering the Amazon credentials you can have access to videos and other Amazon services. Your Amazon Cloud Cam will be up and running.


The Amazon Cloud Camera has a cylindrical head that is 2.4 inches in diameter and 1.7 inches in depth, which is supported by a small white base. Its height is about 4.1 inches tall with its stand. Moreover, it comes with a 10-foot USB cable which provides power to the Cloud Cam.

Video and Audio Quality

Amazon Cloud Cam has a resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of 30 frames per second but its field of view is slightly slimmer that is 120 degrees and not 130 degrees. If we compared the video quality to Nest Cam, then it has been recorded that video from the cloud cam is overall good and brighter. In some cases, the brighter video from the Amazon is not much impressive but in other situations, the brighter video from the Amazon camera is an asset.

Motion and Sound Detection

You can select to receive alerts if the camera detects motion or a person or both. You will receive notifications instantly. Furthermore, the geofencing notification turns the camera on automatically when you leaves a particular area with your phone and off respectively when you get back home.

Indoor security Camera Performance

The Cloud Cam performs clear and faultlessly providing smooth video, two way audio communication, customizable settings and an excellent user experience. Nonetheless, video brightness quality effects in the area between low light and darkness but it does not affect the opinion of the device.

  • Reasonable Price
  • Intuitive app
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent video quality
  • Excellent night vision
  • Handy two-way audio feature
  • Customizable motion detection

  • Involves subscription for video clip downloads
  • Motion detection too sensitive at free level
  • Limited smart home integration

Amazon Cloud Cam


Overall, Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor is a quite decent choice and entry in smart home security category. It is well built with reasonable rate having advanced motion sensor and delivers excellent 1080p quality video and has good cloud storage options. Hence, if you are looking for a smooth wireless at home indoor security system that is not heavy on your pockets either, then for the Amazon Cloud Cam that appears to be a great choice with a lot of features.


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