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Asus Chromebook Review | Specs , Design , Price & More

With companies trying to be extremely competitive in making the best laptops at a reasonable price, we think Asus Chromebook might be a successful project. Dig in to know more.

This is the best laptop under $250

This is surely the deal to take this season since the Asus Chromebook is definitely the best laptop you can find, which is safe to hazards and can take a fall up to 3.9 feet! How unusual is that? With Chrome OS as its operating system, Intel processor and the dimensions of 11.6 x 0.9 x 7.9 inches, the laptop works like a dream!

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Design and battery: 9/10

The laptop in any way does not resemble its price range, it’s a very good looking laptop in the deal they offer. It’s a small and thin laptop, giving the buyers lots of more benefits that we will talk below about. The battery time is up till 10 hours which is remarkable for a laptop for its range. You can finish your allotted work, travel around without carrying the weight of the charger and what not.

Weight and convenience: 10/10

The Asus Chromebook weighs 2.2 pounds and is extremely easy to carry and very convenient. It’s also safe to hazards and is overall a strongly put together laptop.

The strongest laptop: 9/10

this laptop is surely the safest laptop you can go for. It can take a fall from up to 3.9 feet and the keyboard is water resistant. It’s remarkable for a laptop to have so much at such a price. It’s perfect if one is a student or even a person with a lot of kids in the house. The laptop is ideal in any case scenario.

Colour choices: 8/10

A good laptop with a great working speed and a colour choice? It definitely doesn’t get any better than this. The Asus Chromebook comes in two exciting colours, Dark blue and Silver. Both extremely nice and go with one of the laptops.

Overall, this Chromebook is the one to go for, with its colour scheme and safe sides to its work speed and incredible battery life.

9.5 Total Score
Final Verdict

This Chromebook is the one to go for, with its colour scheme and safe sides to its work speed and incredible battery life.

Design and Battery
Weight and Convenience
  • Longer Battery Time
  • Keyboard
  • Price
  • Is slower when a lot of tabs are open
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