Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones Review

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Beats has already introduced some of the popular headphones in the world and this time it is pushing boundaries while boasting impressive headphones technology. The sound quality and design has not been profound change but tech surely has been given a tremendous upgrade after all Beats are now owned by Apple. This on-ear model has Apple’s highly capable new audio chip inside that is designed to make pairing smooth. Once you press button, it automatically pairs the headphones not just with your iPhone but with any other iOS device you have signed up to iCloud. Moreover, you will be quite impressed with the incredible battery life. Find out more of the specification in our full review below.

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Prized sound

Enjoy your music with first-rate Beats headphones that offer quality audio with supreme clarity and stability. Its comfort-cushion ear cups make a barrier and keep disruptions at a minimum that way letting you cherish a really immersive experience.

Wireless liberty

Switch on your Beats Solo3 Wireless and sync it with your Apple Watch, iPad and Mac, just by holding it near your iPhone. Experience wireless proficiency and accessibility because of fine Bluetooth technology.

Long battery life

Beats Solo3 Wireless conveys up to 40 hours of battery life, determined by the effectiveness of the Apple W1 chip. You can get right back on track with up to 3 hours of playback in just 5 minutes of charging. Incorporated on-ear controls fixed with double beam-establishing mics that let you to take calls, play music, adjust volume and activate Siri as per your need while on the go.

Custom comfort

Beats Solo3 Wireless has the same bold styling and a streamlined design as the previous versions. The on-ear cushioned ear cups are adjustable, so you can modify your fit for listening ease. The headphone’s fast-flowing curves and pivoting ear cups are designed for optimum comfort and sound delivery.

  • Outstanding wireless constancy
  • Good Bluetooth-phone collaboration
  • Energetic, clear sound
  • Incredible battery life

  • Fixed headband pressure
  • Lack of reliability for the price
  • No Lightning connector

Summary :

Beats Solo 3 Wireless are amazing headphones to some extent. With the durable design to start with, it is the new tech for iPhone users. Offering some impressive features mainly the best battery life you have ever seen on a pair of wireless headphones. If the extra battery life, range and close compatibility with the iPhone is what you are looking for, then the Solo 3 Wireless are well worthy enough.


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