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Get Rid Of the Foul Smell With The Best Air Purifier

Home is a place where people relax and feel comfortable after a hectic day. Being at home and relaxing is probably the most comforting thought to think. Therefore, everybody wants a perfect home. As far as people go to install amenities to the house they often forget or neglect the fact that an air purifier is also a necessity. The quality of air in a home is very important. With the fact that the pollution ratio is increasing every day, the home should have fresh air and a sterilized atmosphere to breathe.

The quality of air in any home is very important. In big cities, people mostly live in apartments which either have one or two windows, closed most of the time. In this situation, the homes need ventilation system which can be rooted by using air purifiers. These are basically in charge of filling the fresh air in your home and eliminating pollutants and dust particles.

Generally, dust in the home causes allergies, grimy and rancid environment which ultimately leads to unhygienic lifestyle and illness. To deal with such unhealthiness around the area, people use air purifiers. An air purifier is simply a device that has been made for cleaning the environment and making the air fresh. These devices are helpful in the reduction of allergies and asthmatic problems.  No matter if you have smoke around you or you have shifted to a new house which has been abandoned for years. There is a solution to continually clean up the air around you with the best air purifier in the market.

Health Benefits of an Air Purifier

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Air purifiers are a big need in houses than offices. Usually, people live in flats in big cities. The ventilation system is rather poor due to inadequate aeration. As compared to an outdoor environment, where the air is fresh, a nook discomforts people. Areas with little or no ventilation capture more contaminants like dust particles. Therefore, the best air purifiers come in handy for cranny places.

Generally, air purifiers have the following benefits:


Reduce The Risks Of Asthma Attack

Asthma is caused due to breathing in rotten or rusty air. People living in flats and won’t having a proper ventilation system generally get asthma attacks. Basically, itis the unavailability of fresh air around the corners. An air purifier reduces the risks of asthma attacks and makes the environment healthy and clean to breathe.


Eliminate Dust And Foul Order

When people install the air device in their homes, it catches the dust, purify the air and reduce the odd smells from the surrounding. After the air has cleaned for breathing and the environment feels fresh, people feel fresh, and it is often said that a pleasant feeling can be a base for a healthy mind. Therefore, the air purifier is really helpful making the atmosphere fresh.


Prevent Lung Disease

Breathing in putrid air can cause lung damage. It sets the base for chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases as well as heart disease. For children, while their lungs are still developing and their respiratory rates are higher than adults, the polluted air can affect greatly. Therefore, installing a good air purifier reduces and ultimately eliminate the risk of lung damage for both children and adults.


Prevent Shortness of Breath, Dizziness and Nausea

Inhaling fresh oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide is our daily life breathing process. Respiration is, in fact, the most important element for a living. When living in a confined space without the proper ventilation system, risks of shortness of breath, dizziness, unconsciousness, and lung capacity disorder can damage the health. In this respective, an air purifier reduces illness, makes the atmosphere fresh for breathing and ultimately improves the health conditions.


Reduce The Risk Of Airborne Viruses And Disinfectants

People having offices near freeways or urban areas are more open to airborne viruses and disinfectants. The pollutants in such areas can be more destructive and damaging to health. So in such condition, an air purifier doesn’t only eliminate the risk of disinfectants but also provide fresh air to breathe in.

Is It Worth To Have An Air Purifier At Home And The Workplace?

best air purifier to kill mold WeReviews

Looking at the scenario that an air purifier can decrease the risks of many breathing and lung diseases, it is very important to have an air purifier at home.

Advantages of Air Purifier

  • It makes the environment safe for breathing.
  • It increases the quality of air at home.
  • It reduces foul order from the house.
  • Give strong prevention against the allergies.
  • Prevent the risks of asthma and other lung diseases.
  • Clean the contaminated environment

If we consider the importance of an air purifier around the house and keep in mind the above-mentioned benefits it has, the importance of this technology is far greater. For children, adults, and seniors, the existence of an air purifier at home creates convenience in breathing. After all, human survives through breathing and inhaling the air to keep their system running. Therefore, the existence of an air purifier at home is much imperative for fresh air.

A home should be a breath of clean air for all the people. The air purifier makes it happens and helps clean the air from the foul smell, aerobic bacteria, contagious infections, and lung diseases. Air purifiers mostly reduce air pollution, make the atmosphere clean and create a healthy environment to live and breathe in. Their importance for everyone, looking to sterilize the air is vital.

Uses of an Air Purifier

If you have an air quality problem at home or you live in a congested place then an air purifier helps you clean the air, sterilize the atmosphere and nurture your health. No matter whether you use it in an office space or your household, the air purifier works greatly when cleansing air. Here are some uses of air purifier in both houses and the workplace.


To Remove Pet Dander 

As a pet owner, are you annoyed by the following issues?

Pet Owner Issues

  • Pet hair floating in the house
  • Bird feathers in the air
  • Hair shedding in the carpet and furniture
  • Specific pet order and foul smell

Believe it or not, a pet can be pretty smelly sometimes and their existence causes breathing problem whether they are vaccinated or not. Therefore, people love to have pets around, must install an air purifier into the home.

An air purifier is mainly built to clean the air and make it fresh for breathing. For this purpose, it doesn’t only clean the air but remove foul order from the environment. People who have pets around the house or poor air ventilation system can use the air purifier for air sanitation.

For example, people having birds in the home are usually annoyed of bird feathers roaming in the air. Generally, these bird feathers cause breathing problem and lung diseases if not to be nipped in the bud. Therefore, an air purifier comes handy for people looking for the best air purifier for bird owners. The filtration process of these machines is quite impressive. Whether there are bird feathers, pet dander or hair floating in the air, they catch it and filter the air for inhaling.

Utilizing an air purifier in the house is one of the best installations for cleansing the air. Air purifiers are the main family unit gadgets that can pull dander, remove floating hair, eliminate the foul scent and ultimately clean the air.

Since you know the distinction between how pet dander and hair sway your wellbeing, you’ll be delighted to have an air purifier around the home.


Eliminate Foul Order from the House

Human beings have the sense to differentiate between smells. Generally, when a person is living in an area for a long time, he or she gets used to the environment and doesn’t feel any change in any order. The mind generally overlooks those scents that you are continually inundated in, concentrating rather on aromas and smells that are not quite the same as your acclimated condition. However, when other people visit the house, they definitely feel a specific order of smells as every person has its own unique scent.

Sometimes houses which are built near the moist areas like the ocean or seaside view, have foul dampness and humidity to them. People living in such areas must have prevention against these smells otherwise it will get worse by the day.

To deal with such foul smells an air purifier plays an important role. Like, if someone has pets like cat or dogs and bird cages, they would definitely create a putrid environment. Therefore, the installation of an air purifier in such cases seems the best option.

Though using an air freshener or spraying across the room also seems suitable but it does need a continuous check and it is not suitable for completely eliminating the house order. Thus, an air purifier in this scenario comes in handy. It doesn’t only eliminate the foul order automatically from the air but sanitizes it for future reincarnation. In addition to the benefits of an air purifier, it makes the environment clean and better for breathing.


To Prevent Allergies

If you have a pet at home and your siblings or children are allergic to it then try implying on the placement of air purifier at home. People are allergic to many things like pet hair, foul smell, moist environment, dust or rotten atmosphere. These allergic reactions can cause breathing problems which ultimately leads to lung diseases and asthma issues. Therefore to prevent any kind of allergies, whether it is from the pet hair or due to the dust, install an air purifier at home and workspace.


Remove Mold and Moist From the Air

Moist air caused due to many reasons like living around the ocean, not having proper air ventilation system or fluidity in the walls. It creates a foul smell and damages the paint on the walls. Generally, people use many techniques to get rid of the moist like installing a think wallpaper around the wall, using air spray or calling moist specialist often to set the house drier.

An air purifier removes the mold from the air. Its HEPA filter and pre-filter work combined and create a drier environment. So if you live in a humid area and sick of the moist and smell around you then install an air purifier at home. It gives proper air to breathe.

Top Features to Look In an Air Purifier

Finding the best air purifier in the market especially when you are searching online reviews, is very hard. The basic function of an air cleaner is to make the air fresh and remove the contagious particles and create a sterilized atmosphere. But there are also some features which one should look upon rather than its ability to cleanse the air. The best air purifier must have;


Size Of The Air Purifier

The home and work spaces vary in size. People have different sizes of homes, office space. It can be either commodious or narrow according to the area width and height. So, whenever you are about to buy an air purifier, make sure to get the right size. The size of an air purifier increases and decreases its proficiency. Hence, always look down to the area and then decide to buy this machine.

If you have bought a smaller air purifier for a big area, it would not work as proper as if you get the right size. Hence always look and research before you actually step into buying.

It is entirely up to your demand and needs what device you need. For a small house like a flat of two-bedrooms, a medium sized air purifier can work greatly.

Sure, the price of the air purifier increases with the size and quality, therefore, it is always preferred to get the perfect size for both, saving up extra cost and get the exact device you need. Always try to measure the house, analyze the need and narrow down the options to get the more appropriate and suitable air purifying device for home and office. It sure saves you from diseases, cleanses the environment and creates a healthy breathing atmosphere for people. So, getting the right size according to the demand is very important.


Pre-Filter Feature

A pre-filter is an extra device attached to the main air purifier filter which captures the large dust particles.  Mostly high-quality air purifiers have this feature which prolongs the life of the device. It initially traps the big contagious particles and allows the main filter to work properly. The main filter of the air purifier then capture the smaller dust particles, infectious specks, pet dander, etc. without warming up too fast.

The pre-filter must have to be looked when someone is buying the air purifier. It increases device efficiency and gives it a prolonged life.


HEPA Filter Feature

With the pre-filter, an air purifier should have a HEPA filter to work properly. Usually, there are two kinds of HEPA filters;

  1. True HEPA
  2. HEPA type/HEPA like

A HEPA filter is basically the main and denser filter as compared to the pre-filter. It has the ability to capture particles up to 0.3 microns and have an efficiency to get rid of 99.97% particles. These filters increase the workability of air purifier and make it more quality oriented and effective.

Whenever people are looking for an air purifier for instance, for both homes and workspace, a thorough background check, complete online research and a detailed analysis of the reviews must be preferred before actually stepping into buying. These extra activities don’t only save you the cost but also give you enough information to buy the right product for your home or office.


Look For An Ionic Generator

The ionic generator emits ions into the air, these ions latch onto the other elements, weight them down and cause their falling on the ground. The ionic generator prevents the particles to stay in the air and then resides to the lungs which cause ultimate damage.

So whenever you are going to take a step to buy an air purifier, look for the ionic generator feature. It helps the process of cleaning and cleanses the air by purifying the environment.


UV Light Facility

In order to zap bacteria, dust and polluted particles from the air, the UV light is pre-installed in the air purifier. The UV light is basically an ultraviolet light designates a band of electromagnetic spectrum. So whenever looking for the best air purifier, it must have UV light pre-installed to destroy the DNA structure of contagious particles and making them harmless for humans.

Best Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses

best air purifier for cat litter dust

Home is believed to be a sanctuary from the pollutants of the outside environment. It has to be cleaned and disease free for children, adults and old members of the house. In the rusty life where the air is muddy and full of contagious particles, the purity of household air matters a lot.

People tend to spend time at home to keep healthy and breath healthy. Therefore, to keep the home safe and make the air better for breathing, people search out for the best air purifier for bacteria and viruses. These purifiers prevent the bacteria to seep in the air and cause health issues especially breathing and lung diseases. Here are some suggestions about the air purifiers, best for the reduction of bacteria and viruses from the air.


Silver Onyx

It eliminates 99.97% of air pollutants i.e. bacteria and viruses from the air. Silver Onyx offers 5 level advanced features for cleaning the air and improve the breathing quality. It has a HEPA filter, UV light, and ion generator to sanitize the atmosphere. Being the big sellers for the prevention of bacterial and virus atmosphere, the Silver Onyx works best for cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting the air.

The device has made up of quality material and available for both homes and the workplace. It cleans the air and enables the availability of fresh air for people inside the house. So whenever you are looking to buy the air purifier consider this brand as an option for a hygienic environment.


Germ Guardian

Having all the necessary high tech features pre-installed, the Germ Guardian is also a suitable choice when one is looking for cleaning the air from bacteria and viruses. It captures the dust particles, removes the pollutants from the air and creates a healthy air for breathing. The price is quite moderate and reasonable when you compare it with the benefits this product gives to secure the house and assure the healthy environment inside both the home and office.


Pure Zone

Pure Zone is also designed for the cleaning and creating a healthy air to breathe in. This air purifier is best and popular among those looking to get rid of bacteria and viruses. Having the features of UV light and powerful filtration system, it destroys the virus and bacteria from the air and sterilize the air in order to prevent the recreation of such pollutant elements.

Best Air Purifier for Pet Hair and Dander

best air purifier for dog smell WeReviews

A home completes with pets. People love to have cats and dogs around. As much as they give pleasure and enjoyment, they still have a foul order and pet dander around the house. Especially when your home is fully carpeted and only one or two windows have been built for ventilation then there must be an air purifier to remove the foul order and clean the atmosphere against pet hair and dander.

Here are a few suggestions of the best air purifier for pet hair and dander which work best in this scenario



If you have hairy pets and their hair floats around the house then this air purifier is the best option to choose. The WINIX WAC9500 features 5 steps for purifying the air and ultimately gets absolution from them. The air cleaning filtration process of this machine has pre-filter that can be washed, HEPA filter, anti-bacterial clean cell, complete order control system and plasma wave technology.

The product is best for people looking to avoid asthma problems and getting rid of the foul order of pets.



If you have more than one pet and love the idea of having a huge number of these lovable creatures yet afraid of getting the foul smell, pet dander, and lung disease then get the LEN FIT50 air purifier.

The product has 14-panel options for fitting around the house. The device inevitably detects the pollutant particles in the air, change the air quality, conserve the energy and ultimately get rid of the pet smell and dander. The machine is extremely quiet, create undetectably low noise. It also has HEPA filters, and pre-filter features to fully clean the air.



If your pet hairs annoy you and have spread through the house and you get the foul smell often then consider the option of Hamilton beach 04384. The system is an excellent air purifier against the foul smell, allergies prevention, viruses, bacteria and pet dander.

Best Air Purifier for Mold and Dust

Basically, mold and mildew issues in a house are not going to be completely cured with an air purifier until the wellspring of causing the mold and dust must not be dealt with. Moistness and poor ventilation are the reasons for shaping mold. An air purifier helps to eliminate aerial particles which can chafe the lungs and attack health.

The search of best air purifiers to kill mold leads you to the list of air purifier which lures the air and catches smaller flying particles, for example, smoke, residue, and form. Clean air is then coursed all through the room. The air is left drier, cleaner and fresher to smell and relax. In this manner, an air purifier decreases the moisture level from walls, doors, and atmosphere and make the air ultimately cleaner and drier.

No matter where you are in the house, it can be your garage, your living room, kitchen or bathroom, an air purifier works completely and gets rid of the molly moist environment. So here are some suggestions about the best air purifier for mold and dust which can complete the purpose of installing this device at home or workplace.



Basically, dealing with the moist environment and eliminating mold from the place, the LEVOIT LV-H132 consists of all the necessary elements which an air purifier has. It has the HEPA filter, the pre-filter, order allergies eliminator, and optional night light. The product comes with two years warranty and people have recommended it highly for purifying the air in the surroundings.

The device has three stage air purifying filtration and doesn’t use UV light and ion generator, which can ultimately cause depletion in the ozone layer. Mostly, for people concerning the safety of environment can use it and feel comfortable due to its sterility to the ozone layer.


Silver Onyx

As mentioned earlier, silver onyx eliminates 99.97% of the air population and make the home pollutant free. It has an advanced 5 leveled cleaning feature which improves the air quality and makes it drier and moist free.

People living beside the sea or having the moist walls and selling should have it installed at their homes and workplace. In addition to the HEPA filter and pre-filter features, the silver onyx has the complete system to sanitize the air. Hence when the air will be purified, the moist will be treated and the dust will be eliminated, the environment will be fresh for breathing, ultimately.

Silver Onyx works best for cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting the air. Thus, whenever you are looking to buy the air purifier consider this brand as an option for a hygienic environment.


Bissell air 400

Bissell air 400 has also 3 stage air purifying system which includes

  1. Pre-filter
  2. Carbon filter, thickly activated
  3. High-efficiency filter

This air purifier possesses the ability to 99% microparticles, mold, pollen, smoke and pet dander from the air.

The pre-filter makes the filtration process easier by catching the big particles and then moving the work to the main filter. It makes the life of the main filter longer and helps in cooling down the system.

Bissell air 400 has a smart circulate system, basically, this system sensors the air grabs the dust particles, balances the air moisture and ultimately prevents the environment from mold and moisture. This sensor monitors the air and automatically gets to running when the air needs purifying.

Best Air Purifier for Smoke and Dust

best air purifier for bacteria and viruses WeReviews

Generally the smoke in house created by so many reasons, people smoke, cook and make fire due to many reasons. In the meantime when the smoke has been created in the house and there is no proper ventilation system, the air can get dirty and dangerous to breathe in. Therefore, to make the atmosphere healthy to breathe an air purifier works best to eliminate smoke and dust from the air.

Many people have issues regarding the ventilation system and the elimination of smoke. Therefore, we have some product reviews which can be beneficial for this problem.


Germ Guardian AC4825 22

For people who smoke frequently and tired of opening the window every time they light up a cigarette, this machine is very helpful. Generally, the air purifier cleanses the air, sterilize the environment to enable a healthy breathing habit.

More than just smoke and dust eliminator, the germ guardian AC4825 22 is among the most recommended air purifying products on the internet. It is ideal to use in big rooms up to 167 sq. feet. It has the HEPA filter, UV light, pre-filter and all other necessary elements in it. The product is 22 inches tall and lightweight. The placement is rather easy due to lightweight.



If you are looking for the best air purifier for mold and dust allergies then consider LEVOIT LV-H132 as an option. As mentioned earlier in the product deals with the moist environment and eliminating mold and dust from the place leaving it allergy free.

The device has three stage air purifying filtration and doesn’t use UV light and ion generator, which can ultimately cause depletion in the ozone layer. Mostly, for people concerning the safety of environment can use it and feel comfortable due to its sterility to the ozone layer.

Best Air Purifier for Cat Litter and Dog Smells

best air purifier for pet hair and dander WeReviews

If you love to have pets running around your house but at the same times frighten of the pet hair, allergies they cause and foul smell then get an air purifier to breathe fresh. Pets need constant care. If you live in a house where there is no proper ventilation system then your pets will be deprived of fresh air. Moreover, their smell causes the foul air and their hair creates allergies. Although habiting pets have some concerns still they are the most loveable creatures to man. Therefore, to prevent the allergies, odd order and foul smell an air purifier is the most suitable option.

There are a number of best air purifier for dog smells and suitable air purifier for cat litter smell. All you have to do is select your choice and install the best item in the house as it has mentioned above.



Generally considered as pet true HEPA cleaner, the Winix wac9500 eliminates the dander and foul smell from the house. The device is suitable for an area of up to 283 sq. feet. It has the systems of manual control and also comes with remote control. If you want to adjust it manually just approach the device and make changes. You will still have the remote option to control the air purifier from a distance.

The unit has low, medium, high and turbo level according to the demand and need of the room. So once you have set it to work the sensor of the device automatically sensor the air and work in accordance.



This air purifier is suitable for rooms and easily installable in bedrooms, living rooms or kitchen setup. Moreover, it cleanses the air and makes the air quality suitable for breathing. The device has 14 different panel option which you can adjust according to the need.

The device also has an automatic detecting system, which mechanically senses the air and starts working once the environment needs cleansing. The producer offers 4 different HEPA filters, all of which eradicate dust and allergens, but each uniquely made to sterilize the air.



HONEYWELL HHT-090 has 3 air cleaning levels and have a powerful operating fan. An optional ion generator has also installed for increasing the cleaning power. For both medium and larger rooms, this air purifier is very suitable. Moreover, the pre-filter and HEPA filter are easy to clean and convenient to put back. The device uses minimal voltage and is energy efficient.

It is suitable for up to 170 sq. feet. area. Therefore, if you are looking for a device to be installed in large rooms then get this one to make your home air clean.

 Top 5 Best Air Purifier under $100

best air purifier for mold and dust WeReviews

People usually feel relaxed when they are not out of the budget. It matters a lot when you have a home to run and a family to feed to. Therefore spending less and getting excellent things in a dream of almost every person. When it comes to air purifiers there are many options available under $100 for people looking for both reasonable price and quality. Whether you are looking for the best air purifier for bird owners or an air purifier for removing the dust, sterilizing the air, eliminating the foul smell and removing the pet dander, here is a list of top five under $100 air purifier for you.


Germ Guardian AC4825

The germ guardian AC4825 is easily available online and on the stores around your area. Therefore if you are looking to install an air purifier at home then get a germ guardian AC4825 on reasonable price.

GermGuardian AC4825

GermGuardian AC4825

if you are looking to install an air purifier at home then get a germ guardian AC4825 on reasonable price.



Levoit LV-H132

Consisting of all the necessary elements and powerful filtration system, this devices shares a fresh air with the residents. You can easily buy and install it in your house and office. It automatically detects the foul order and produces an ultimate clean environment.


Germ Guardian AC4100

Germ Guardian AC4100 is also a popular air purifier product. It eliminates the cause of the foul smell, rotten atmosphere, catches the pet hair and makes the air as fresh as at natural places. In additions to all the services it gives, this device is much affordable to buy.


Hamilton Beach

Hamilton beach also has pre-filters and HEPA filter which work properly to clean the air for you. The air purifier is under $100 and easily available online and stores.


Holmes HAP242

Holmes HAP242 is a very useful device for people looking to buy something under a budget. Having all the facilities in it, the device is much suitable for cleaning the air and avoiding bad fumes. Also, it is the best air purifier for bird dander.


Home is the place where people usually feel peace and breathe restfully. For spending a great day at home after a hectic day at the house, the air should be clean to breathe in. As discussed above, if you live in a home and tired of the foul smell of pets, floating pet dander, foul order and deprivation of fresh air then you must have an air purifier at your home. These devices just not only cleanse the environment but give a fresh look which ultimately set the base for healthy breathing.

It is rather difficult to find the right product when everybody is selling and praising their product. Therefore think what you need, make a list of your priorities, take a look at your budget and then decide what to buy. An air purifier will clearly make your home ventilation better and give you the ultimate solution for cleaning and sterilizing the air.

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