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Best Leather Couches of All Times

When it comes to classic, durable, and essentially long-lasting furniture, a classic leather couch possesses all of these qualities. Expensive leather couches have always proven ultra-durable irrespective of the fact that you have pets at home. The expensive and classic leather couches represent an acute sense of style and are an embodiment of sophistication. Not to mention the fact that the expensive smell of genuine leather occupying the living room feels nice and satisfying. An exquisite leather couch is indeed a longtime investment considering the long time period one can have with it.

If you are considering getting one of the expensive leather couches, you would want to know how to get the best for the best price. There are some essential aspects and feature to look out for while choosing the best leather furniture for your living room. There is a huge variety of the leather couches and sofas available on the markets and online stores; in this regards, it can be quite a bit of a challenge to choose the best for your home. Before we proceed to our list of the best leather couches of all times, we will discuss some basic aspects of these.

During the tanning procedure of the leather, the original leather couches can be divided into two categories: the leather couches with the upper grain and the leather couches with the bottom split. With regards to getting your hands on the most durable and strongest leather couch, it is recommended to choose the category of upper grain instead of the split leather couches for these are prone to break faster and easier. The below-given list includes five useful tips that will assist you in making the best decisions with regards to choosing the best leather couch for your living room.

1Look out for Slight Imperfections in the Leather

Yeah; you read this one right: remember one thing: genuine leather is never supposed to be smooth. In fact, you can detect genuine leather by this characteristic: the surface will have tiny grooves and other tiny imperfections. Simply put, the surface of real leather will essentially contain some sort of unevenness. Therefore, if you detect slight imperfections in the leather couch, then you ought to go for it since it is essentially authentic. We know that slight imperfections can be annoying if you are prone to be a perfectionist; however, if you are looking for genuine leather furniture, then you will have to gloss over such tiny imperfections.

2Watch out for Faux Leather

Looking for real leather can be quite tricky; however, we are here to help you with this process. Another crucial tip is this regard is to have a thorough look at the side panels as well as the backside of the leather couch. If you find the panels of the couch to be large, then this is an indication for the leather couch to be made of faux leather. Remember, these are tiny aspects of give-away for the grain to be artificial instead of the original.

3Go for the Sample!

Before going for the purchase, a wise would be to ask for the sample and ensure that it matches with the panels of the leather couch. However, it is important to know that the grains will not match; the grain is different on the panels and back of the leather couch. Nonetheless, the color of the leather couch ought to be the same and match with the sample. Make sure that there is no difference in this regards.

4Mesh Material of Couch Cushions

The bottom part of the leather cushions needs to be inspected as well.  In order to maintain quality and durability, the leather material needs to be capable of breathing. What we mean is that the longevity of the couch cushions relies on their ability to breath. Therefore, look out for the leather couch cushions that comprise a material which is tightly-woven.

5Flexibility and Reliability

Last but not least, if you want to determine the longevity of your leather couch, it is recommended to stretch the leather sample patch. In addition, the stretching of the leather patch (sample) will also assist in generating a better idea about what the leather couch will be like once it is moved into your household and you will make effective use of it. Hence, before making the final purchase, it is recommended to stretch the sample leather patch for the determination of the reliability of the piece of leather furniture.

The Best Leather Couches of 2019

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After having gone through all of the various aspects one has to look out for while choosing the best leather couch in the market, let’s proceed to our list of the best leather couches of all times. While searching for the best leather couches of all times, it is typical to look out for leather couches clearance. In order to save your time and effort for rummaging through the markets and online stores, we have come up with the best list of leather couches of all times.


The Landry Leather Couch of Birch Lane

When it comes to looking for the best leather couch for one’s living room, the majority of people keep looking for a leather couch that carries the classic vintage look. For this very reason, the majority of the leather couch manufacturers imitate the leather couches that carry the typical vintage design. The classic vintage design of a leather couch generally compliments a variety of home décor; therefore, it can be easily adjusted within the living room. This version of the leather couch by Landry lane for those who are looking for a touch of vintage in their modern household. The design and style of this couch include arms that are slightly rolled. Moreover, the carved legs of the leather couch along with the high back generate the perfect vintage touch typical to the classic design. If your living room is set up in a rather formal fashion, then this version of the leather couch will definitely add a touch of elegance to the formal surroundings. In order to protect and maintain the tiny imperfections as well as the natural leather texture of the leather couch, this model and design of the Landry leather couch have been aniline dyed.


The Chesterfield Leather Couch/ Sofa

This version of the leather carries a vintage touch to it as well. Hence, if you are looking for a good-quality leather couch with a vintage touch, then you ought to consider getting this version of the Chesterfield leather couches. This model has been exclusively designed by Trent Austin and generates the sense and aura of a fancy piece of leather furniture belonging to a vintage country club. Among the various fancy features of this leather couch, you will find throughout tufting, a slightly rolled back, and slightly rolled arms. In addition, the nail-head trim on the leather couch serves as a vital source to put stress on the elegant vintage curves of this version of the leather couches.

This is definitely a good option for those who are looking for a leather couch where they can sink into and just relax while getting rid of the stress after a hectic day at work or school. If you are living in an apartment, you will definitely enjoy the feather-stuffed leather cushions of this leather couch. An essential touch of the throwback style is added to the leather couch with the addition of the metallic nail-heads. Not to mention the fact that the feet of this leather couch complete the classy and essentially elegant look of this high-quality leather couch. This is a refreshing piece of leather furniture for those who are looking to add elegance to their modern-styled living rooms.  This piece of furniture makes an excellent addition to your home library as well. In other words, this version of the Chesterfield leather couch is an amazing addition for modern dwelling space.


The Theo Leather Couch (Best Industrial)

If you have a good budget and looking for one of the expensive leather couches, you might want to consider getting one of these amazing pieces of elegant furniture. A mere look at this leather couch will tell you that this version of the leather couch carries an awesome industrial look. It doesn’t matter whether you are dwelling in a house or city apartment, this amazing piece of furniture has it all what you look for with regards to the best leather couches in town. When it comes to superior quality and the best comfort, the Theo leather couch has it all. You will be amazed to know that this industrial leather couch carries the modern touch of the mid-century element which makes it all the way more appealing.

If you had to describe the Theo leather couch in two words, it would be ‘functionality’ and ‘simple clean lines’. Essentially, the support and base to the leather cushions are provided via the spring suspension. It is typical for the leather on the sofas and couches to feel slightly uncomfortable due to the rigidity and stiffness of the material; however, with this piece of furniture, you won’t feel any of such ‘hard’ and ‘stiff’ feelings. However, you won’t have to fret over such aspects with the ‘Theo’ leather couch due to the presence of the padded cushions that provide the perfect and quite comfortable sitting place. In case you are worried about the cleaning and maintenance of this leather couch, you can relax for the seats and upholstery of this piece of furniture can be wiped clean smoothly and without much struggle.


The Serta’s RTA Leather Couch (Palisades 73-inches)

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If you want to save money while getting the best leather couch, you can always choose from getting one of the synthetic leather couches, such as the Serta’s RTA leather couch. The synthetic-like leather material of this couch won’t disappoint anyone who is looking for a good piece of furniture for the best fraction of cost. In fact, leather-like couches like these cost only half of the price as their leather counterparts. In addition, it is really hard to tell the difference between them anyway! With the help of the latest technologies, these synthetic-leather couches have obtained a look that seems more realistic apart from being as reliable and durable as the real thing.

You can have this amazing piece of furniture in the color of deep brown which will generate an elegant touch inside your living room. The back cushions of this couch are firm; whereas, the arms of the Serta’s RTA leather couch are squared off. On the whole, this couch exhibits a design that is clean-lined as well as exceptional. There are two options to choose from with this model and design of the leather couch; you can either get a loveseat of 61-inches or you can get a leather couch of a frame of 78-inches.


The Loveseat Ashley’s O’Kean Leather Couch

Sometimes, a big sofa or couch can be quite difficult to fit into the living room; especially, if space is tight already. With ma loveseat, you will be able to get a leather couch into a room of a smaller scale without actually causing the room to get stuffed. If you are opting for Ashley’s O’Kean Leather Couch, you will be able to choose between a variety of colors, such as classic cream, brown, navy blue, and light blue. How cool is that? If you are living in a flat, then you ought not to worry about anything; the width of this awesome piece of leather furniture is 51-inches. The width of this leather couch is good enough to have it adjusted anywhere in your home. The tufted back of Ashley’s O’Kean Leather Couch generates an essential touch of character as do the slender and narrow arms. Without a doubt, this is one of the best leather loveseats you can get your hands on.


The Best Sleeper Couch: Latitude Run’s Couch

If you get frequent visits from your family and friends, you might be looking for a couch that can be turned to a sleeping spot as well. If this is the case, then you might consider getting the Latitude Run’s couch; this is awesome for those who are looking to live a minimal lifestyle. This piece of furniture by Latitude Run is a perfect leather couch at day time for your office or living room; whereas, at night it turns into a perfect sleeping spot for your guests and even for yourself. This awesome leather couch includes the typical recliner of the futon-style which enables it to be converted into a queen-sized bed with ease and comfort. Not to mention the fact that you can convert it any time, i.e. while watching a movie or taking a quick power nap. This leather couch is available in two colors: you can either get a crisp-white Latitude Run’s Couch or a sleeper couch of the color cherry red. The leather is essentially reliable as well as durable and can be easily cleaned as well. The metallic piece of this version of the sleeper couches adds an essentially modern and clean touch to it.

The Maintenance of the Leather Couches

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Without a doubt, leather couches are awesome pieces of furniture; not to mention the fact that these are quite expensive as well. Once, you have chosen the bets leather couch for your living room, the next step would be to keep it clean and maintain it in a way that it would serve the purpose for a lifetime. At home, we have poets and kids; therefore, it would be wrong to say that wear and tear is never prone to happen. You will have to think of the leather as your skin which means that you will have to clean it regularly in order to maintain it. Similar to skin, leather is breathable, natural, and prone to change over time. Hence, we all know what is required for the maintenance of leather: regular care.

What do You Need?

  • Cotton Swab
  • Saddle Soap
  • Soft Cloth
  • Leather Cream
  • Water
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Typically, the basic task that ought to be done on a regular basis, is the dusting part. For the dusting of your leather furniture as well as the other items, you require a clean dry piece of cloth. Once in a month, you might want to apply a specified leather cream for the maintenance of the leather furniture. There are other items of leather application as well that ensure that the leather maintains its neatness along with the removal and mitigation of the wear and tear. For instance, you could apply leather serum, leather cream, and even use leather soap to get rid of stains. Nonetheless, the leather cream assists in maintaining the softness of the leather material while keeping it moisturized. The below-given list comprises a detailed step-by-step procedure for the maintenance of the leather couches.


Soap & Water

Avoid using chemicals; start the cleaning process with soap and water. Take a piece of cloth and dip it in soapy lukewarm water. Then, rub the cloth (gently) over the stains of your leather couch. The saddle soap is the one that has been specifically made for the cleaning of leather; therefore, it is safe to use. If you are dealing with a darker stain, then you ought to use a cotton swab after dipping it in rubbing alcohol. However, one ought to refrain from applying the rubbing alcohol directly onto the stain; this might intensify the stain and make it worse.


Dry out the Surface thoroughly!

The next step includes the thorough drying of the leather; you ought to use another dry cloth for this purpose. It is recommended to leave the cleaned spot alone overnight so that it can dry out on its own. Subsequently, after the leather couch has thoroughly dried out, make sure to apply some leather cream in order to re-moisturize the leather material so that it can maintain its gleam and shine. However, make sure to use a clean piece of cloth for this purpose.


Consider Professional Help

If you see that you haven’t achieved the desired results, you can always seek professional help for this purpose. You can also seek advice from the manufacturers from whom you got the leather couch in the first place. Remember that there are a number of ways and methods to avoid the wear and tear along with the cracking of the leather couch and other leather furniture in the first place. Make sure that you maintain a regular cleaning routine from day one so that you can enjoy the furniture for a longer time period. In fact, good quality furniture that is well-maintained can last a lifetime.

How to Avoid Damage to the Leather Couches?

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1Determine and Estimate the Quality of the Leather Furniture

While looking for the best leather couches, it is highly recommended to get the leather couches that have been aniline-dyed. The leather couches that have been aniline-dyed are not only durable but also develop less of the cracks and spots. If you are looking for the best leather, you ought to get one of the aniline-dyed with the full grain. The aniline-dyed leather couches are dyed in a way that the dye penetrates thoroughly through the leather; in this way, it is not only the surface of the leather that is ‘painted’ but the color is thoroughly absorbed; therefore, the color leather does ‘wear in’ instead of wearing out.

2Consider the Position/ Location of the Leather Couch

Avoid setting the leather couch near the fireplace; also, avoid placing the leather couch at a spot where there is no moisture at all. Moreover, avoid placing your leather couch right next to the window or underneath the air-conditioner. In other words, extreme weather conditions will have a damaging impact on leather furniture. You can also seek professional help for the positioning of your leather furniture.

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