What are the Best Scissors for Sewing of All Times?

There is a huge variety of the best scissors for sewing available in the markets and online stores; therefore, looking for the best sewing scissors can be quite challenging. If you are a huge fan of sewing as well and looking for the best tools and gadgets with regards to scissors, then you are here at the right place for we got it all covered for you. With so many items and products readily available in the markets and online stores, I believe that one needs to conduct proper research before settling down on one product. The below-given list has been made after numerous hours of consulting with experts, manufacturers and rummaging through thousands of models of the various types of scissors for sewing.

Before we plunge into the list, let’s have a look at the various types of best scissors for sewing; we ought to keep in mind that not all scissors are meant for the same task. They vary with regards to functionality and purpose. One has to know the different types of scissors for sewing before making the final decision and actively buying one pair of scissors that will suit their needs in the best way. Typically, there are four types of sewing scissors available that you have to know about before making the final selection:


The Pinking Scissors

These types of sewing scissors comprise a zigzag edge which causes the cut fabric to cut in a zigzag way as well. The purpose of the pinking scissors is to stop the fabric from unkinking. In addition, the pinking scissors also prevent the seams of the fabric from getting unraveled. If you are looking forward to creating some amazing decorative edges while cutting a piece of cloth, then you will find the pinking scissors quite useful. You can also make effective use of the pink scissors for cutting ribbons in a decorative and beautiful manner. The only downside of the pinking scissors might be the fact that they might lack in accuracy as the edges of this type of scissors come together and perform the cutting task.


The Fabric Scissors

Typically, the blades of the fabric scissors are angled as well as long. The long and rather angled blades of these types of scissors make the task of cutting out patterns of clothes easier and smoother. The cutting blades of the fabric scissors also include the perfect point for the notching curves as well as clipping of the cloth or fabric. The blades of the fabric scissors are well-known to be sharp enough to cut through several layers of fabric. Typically, the blades of the fabric scissors are of high quality which allows them to cut through a fabric at a sensitive angle. Referring to the top parts of the blades of the fabric scissors, these are typically sharp enough to cut through a piece of cloth from a sensitive angle.


The Tailors Scissors

Usually, these pair of scissors are shorter in length; these characteristics make them easier to carry and easy to use. If you are looking for the best scissors with regards to performing the best quilting job, then you ought to get one of the tailor’s scissors.


The Embroidery Scissors

The embroidery scissors are exclusively designed for the task of needlework. Simply put, if you are taking some embroidery lessons, then this is the pair of scissors you would want to slip onto your hand. The embroidery scissors serve the purpose of performing tiny but precise cuts. In fact, you can aim for perfection even with the tiniest cuts at hand. If you have to fix buttonholes or looking for the perfect pair of scissors for some kind of appliqué work then you ought to consider getting one of the embroidery scissors. The embroidery scissors are not only lightweight and user-friendly but also compact in size which makes it easy to maneuver and carry.  

Let’s have a look at the best scissors for sewing of all times:

The Pack of 3-Scissors – The Clear Cuts Scissors


The pack of the ‘Clear Cuts Scissors’ is amongst the best scissors for sewing in the market. Apart from being the perfect scissors for sewing purpose, the pack also includes the ideal scissors for embroidery as well. This set of three types of scissors for sewing are of three different sizes; large, medium, and small. Each of the sizes serves their respective purpose that you will find very useful during while sewing and cutting cloth and fabrics. The smallest pair of scissors is of 5.5 inches; whereas the medium-sized scissors are of 8.5 inches and the large-sized scissors are of 10-inches.

These three types of scissors include a comfortable and soft grip handle that allows for a sturdy but comfortable grip. The grip of the scissors is essentially ergonomic which makes it easy to use for the lefties as well. Furthermore, these scissors can be used by both men and women. The use of these scissors isn’t confined for the cutting of fabric alone. On the contrary, these can be ideally used for miscellaneous needs; such as home and office use. If you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable, but sturdy pack of three scissors, then these are the ideal pack of the best scissors for sewing.


The Scissors of Fiskar

The length of these scissors is approximate of 8-inches. You can cut through a variety of fabrics including leather and denim. Moreover, you can also cut through multiple layers of cloth and fabrics in a precise and effective manner. The cutting blades of the Fiskar scissors are positioned quite tightly; whereas, the handle of this pair of scissors is quite comfortable and soft. The blades of these scissors are made with the hardened version of stainless steel which makes sure that the scissors can serve their purpose for a longer time period; probably serve a lifetime.

The soft handle grip of these scissors ensures that the hands don’t feel fatigued. Some users might find the Fiskar scissors a bit heavy; however, these are still amongst the top choices for the professional sewers as well as the sewing enthusiasts. Don’t worry if you get these pair of scissors accidentally soiled; you can have them easily cleaned and washed off in the dishwasher without damaging the blades of the scissors. On the whole, these scissors of Fiskar have been rated as great.


The Professional Heavy Duty Tailor Scissors


If you are right-handed and looking for the perfect pair of scissors, then you ought to look into this version of the best scissors for sewing. The length of the blades of these scissors are approximately 3.5-inches; whereas, the blades of the professional heavy duty tailor scissors are made of (high) carbon steel. These pair of scissors are ideal for a variety of tasks, such as quilting, tailoring, dressmaking, office use, and home use. You will find the design and weight of the scissors well-balanced; hence, you will find them smooth and easy to use. The perfect weight and size of these ‘Professional Heavy Duty Tailor Scissors’ will render the cutting task fun, easy, and smooth.

These scissors are available in the black color which generates a perfect look; apart from this the weight and size of the ‘Professional Heavy Duty Tailor Scissors’ only add to the level of comfort making this pair of scissors very user-friendly. For the long life of your scissors for sewing make sure that you keep them tidy and clean. You might want to wipe them with a piece of cloth before using them for cutting fabric and clothing item.


The Drency Sewing Scissors (Heavy Duty)

If you are looking for the best of the best, then it is usual to have heard about the terminology of “Drency” scissors that are simply one of the best choices with regards to getting the hands on a high-quality, durable, and reliable pair of the best scissors for sewing. These scissors are simply the best of you are looking for an effortless and smooth experience of cutting fabric. Not to mention the fact that the looks of these scissors are quite aesthetic which only adds to the demand of these sewing scissors.

The material of these scissors includes high-quality stainless carbon steel. The length of these scissors is at least 11 inches which generate perfect balance for the hand. The perfect weight and size of these scissors allow you to make effective use of this tool irrespective of the fact whether you want to use them at home or at your professional sewing task/class. The blades of these scissors are strong and sharp enough to cut through a couple of layers of cloth, ribbon, even leather.

How to care and maintain your Best Scissors for Sewing?


If you are a striving designer or just love to try your skills on the sewing machine, then owning and using the best scissors for sewing must be your priority. In addition, owning the best types of scissors for sewing must be a priority as well. However, the mere aspect of owning the best types of scissors for sewing does not suffice until and unless you know how to look after your prized collection of scissors. If you know how to care and maintain your collection of sewing scissors, they ought to last a lifetime. Therefore, make sure to make the best of your collection of sewing scissors so you don’t have to worry about collecting a new pair of scissors every now and then.

The below-given list will definitely help you out in maintaining and caring for your collection of the best types of scissors for sewing. All you need to do is follow the guidelines and your collection of sewing scissors are good to last a lifetime. Have Fun going through the list:


Avoid Getting Moisture on the Blades of the Sewing Scissors

Moisture can ruin the efficacy of the scissors; in addition, it can also lead to the buildup of rust and corrosion. Therefore, the scissors need to be kept away from moisture at all times. It is typical to make effective use of the iron while one is busy with cutting out fabric and cloth during the sewing procedure. Simply put, while you are busy with ironing, sewing, and cutting, make sure that your scissors don’t catch any of the moisture for this will lead to damage and rust.


Use your Scissors on Fabric Alone!


The trick here is to keep your scissors at a place where they are not always reachable; else, you will end up grabbing your set of best scissors for sewing for all kinds of tasks that require scissors. If you are looking for the long life of your pair of scissors, it is recommended to use them only on fabric, ribbons (without wire), and threads. In other words, keep the sewing scissors reserved for the fabric alone. Do not start cutting everything and anything with them. Keep an extra pair of scissors for alternate usage when you require to cut items that are not related to fabric and sewing purpose.


Keep the Scissors Sharp!

Everyone knows that the best blades are the ones that are kept sharp (referring to knives); the similar rule applies to all types of scissors for sewing. If you don’t know how to sharpen the blades of your scissors, I suggest that you seek the assistance of a professional knife sharpener instead of accidentally damaging the blades of your pair of scissors. You might also check in with your local fabric store and seek their advice on how to sharpen the blades of the best scissors for sewing.


Keep the Scissors Clean!

Always use a dry but essentially soft piece of cloth i.e. Muslin for the cleaning and wiping of the sewing scissors. Wiping the scissors clean regularly with a soft but dry cloth will ensure that no damage is done to the blades of the scissors while you make effective use of the best scissors for sewing.


Do not Drop the Scissors!

Many people think that the act of dropping the scissors on the carpet will have no damaging impact on the scissors; however, the ugly truth is that the mere act of dropping the different types of scissors for sewing on the carpet is quite damaging as well. The blades of the scissors might get out of their alignment; the situation can get worse for the scissors if they get dropped on the floor made of concrete or wood. In order to make the best out of their sewing scissors, one has to avoid having them accidentally dropped on the floor. In this regards, it is recommended to keep them stored away safely or use them while working on the sewing table. Another way to keep your scissors protected and in the best condition is to store them away in a case. Some of the best scissors for sewing also come enclosed in sleeves; the cases assist in the maintenance and care of the scissors along with keeping the blades of the sewing scissors clean from dust and corrosion.


Make the Investment Count!

If you have opted for a pair of scissors that is fully made of metal, then you have chosen a sturdy tool for assisting with the sewing and stitching. The scissors made of metal will definitely prove better with the cutting task; on the other hand, the blades of the metal scissors will also last longer and can be sharpened with more ease. Not to mention the fact that the metallic scissors can be repaired with ease as well in contrast to the scissors that contain plastic components. Also, if you are looking for a good one-time investment that will more likely last a lifetime, then it is recommended to get one of the best scissors for sewing that are made of metal.


Know the Art of Cutting

It would be no use to own one of the best pairs of scissors without being familiar with the art of cutting. For instance, one ought to know when to make effective use of the tip of the scissors for the cutting of thinner fabric along with the smaller areas of the fabric, such as the corners and notches. On contrary, if you have the task of cutting thicker fabric, then you ought to rely on a specific spot of the blades where the two blades join and separate near the screw of the scissors for sewing. The attempt of cutting the thicker fabric while using the tip of the scissors will definitely lead to the disarrangement of the blades of the best scissors for sewing.  


Some Final Thoughts…

Before you make the final selection with regards to the best scissors for sewing along with the types of scissors for sewing, there are other aspects to take care of as well. For instance, you ought to estimate the frequency of your use, i.e. will you use the scissors often or rarely. Also, keep in mind your budget; such as, how much can you spend on the pair of sewing scissors. Also, you ought to know the differences between the various types of scissors for sewing while you make an active choice of selecting the one that serves your purpose the best. Additionally, you ought to keep in mind the aspect of your anatomy with regards to being a right-hander or a left-hander. Always keep in mind to select the pair of scissors with the smoothest and most comfortable handle. Last but not least, the chosen pair of scissors for sewing ought to excel with regards to reliability as well as durability.  

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