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DJI Mavic Air Complete Review

DIJ Mavic Air Review

DJI Mavic Air being pocket sized and practically perfect, is one of the best drone of DJI. It is actually the smaller, lighter and smarter version of the widely acclaimed Mavic Pro. Though Mavic Air is significantly smaller than the Mavic 2 range, but it still has 4k video recording at 30 frames per second while having automated flying modes ‘QuickShots’. Moreover, it offers high-end flight performance and operation with its portable design. Read more about the DJI Mavic Air specs that allows you to see the world like never before!Read thorough DIJ Mavic Air review on www.wereviews.com that has up-to 21 minutes of flight time and records video in Ultra HD.

DJI Mavic Air Features

Compact portable drone4K/30 frames per second video12-MP still images32-megapixel spherical panoramasSmart Capture gesturesQuickShot automatic flight modes8GB in-built storage

Advanced Camera System

Get sounder, clearer image quality with Mavic Air’s 3–axis gimbal that includes dampeners and an angular vibration range of just 0.005°

Immersive Vistas

Click and record breathtaking views with 32 MP Sphere Panoramas. This takes just 8 seconds to combine 25 photos into one smooth, wide angle shot. Also, you can switch things up with Horizon, Vertical and 180° views. What’s even cooler is that, you can even view your creations through your DJI Goggles for a really dimensional experience.

Outré HD Video

With DIJ Mavic Air, you can indulge yourself in creating videos in 4K 30 frames per second with a camera that records a spectacular 100 Mbps. Involve in every detail of your adventures by using 1080p 120 fps slow–motion video support.

Smart Photos

Capture the best shot possible with DIJ Mavic Air. Its HDR algorithms let it explore the lighting conditions around and recommend the best exposure settings accordingly.

6 Exclusive Auto–Flight Modes

With DIJ Mavic Air, you do not have to be a professional to take great aerial videos. The Mavic Air consists of 6 different automated Quick Shot modes for recording separate drone videos with just the tap of a finger. You can take an above your head shot with Rocket Mode, take a selfie of you and your surroundings using Dronie mode and much more. Once you’re done capturing, you also have a platform to share your creations right over the DJI GO 4 app.

  • Dedicated joystick controller
  • Gimbal stabilized 4K camera
  • Strong obstacle avoidance
  • Unique flight modes
  • Amazingly compact and easy to carry around
  • Great video quality
  • HDR and panoramic still images
  • Contains built-in storage

  • Touchy camera controls, unless you’re in Cinematic mode
  • Need to choose the Fly More Combo to get the most out of it

dji mavic air review


Being the king of mid-range drones, DJI Mavic Air has incredible portability and fantastic image quality. It has a dedicated controller, shoots video in 4K, has an innovative obstacle avoidance system, and consists a range of over 2.5 miles. Moreover, it comes with 8GB of in built storage. Amazing, is not it? This is one of the best drones you can purchase on the market.For comparison DIJ Mavic Air vs Pro, read on DIJ Mavic 2 Pro

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