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Fitbit Ionic Review

Stay on top of your goals with first ever self-proclaimed smartwatch from Fitbit. It’s a fitness watch at its heart and feels like the first 24/7 smartwatch, because whatever you do, wake up, get in the shower or even go to sleep, you do not need to remove it from your wrist at any point. You let notifications buzz in throughout the day and night. Cool, right? Read on the full review that elaborates its advanced features, precise tracking and durable battery life.

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Features :

  • Heart rate and relative SPO2 sensor
  • NFC
  • 2.5GB onboard storage
  • Waterproof to 50m with swim tracking
  • 1000nits screen


Give a boost to your routine

Go on your work out session and get step–by–step instructions right from your wrist. Stay enthused with on-screen guidance that adjusts according to your input. Observe your heart rate zones with Pure Pulse and use GPS/GLONASS to auto record distances and new routines.
Furthermore, when you sleep, the Fitbit Ionic automatically records your sleeping patterns and gives recommendations for a better night’s rest.

Pump yourself up

Working out is more fun when you’ve your favourite music going on too, we know right! The Fitbit Ionic stores and plays 300+ songs, and that’s more than enough music to play on your Fitbit Flyer or other Bluetooth–friendly headphone plays throughout the night. Moreover, with its long-lasting durable battery life, you do not have to worry about charging.

A smart way to stay connected

Stay connected with the world in a smart way by getting Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. You can check what your favourite team is up to or plan your afternoon routine based on the forecast. Easily access your favourite apps right from your Fitbit Ionic or receive key notifications like calls and texts. What is more amazing yet secure is that you do not have to worry a bit even in case you forget your wallet at home, you can make payments straight from the NFC chip when you register your credit card to your watch.

  • Fitbit Pay works well
  • Great fitness features
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Good Fitbit activity and sleep tracking
  • Gorgeous display
  • Impressive & solid battery life
  • Waterproof

  • Sometimes slow OS
  • Passive notifications
  • Quick release strap quality control

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Fitbit Ionic is a decent wearable, but it’s not the great of a smartwatch some had expected it to be. Holding a lots of positives, including strong battery life, Fitbit Pay and built-in GPS, but there are also few features missing that results from this device feeling more like a fitness tracker, rather than a smartwatch. It is encouraging that software updates made the Ionic more reliable and capable without negatively impacting battery life. Besides, it has best-in-class fitness tracking, and its Android app is great for checking out your health stats.