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Top Training Soccer Balls to Perfect Your Practice

Without a doubt, the soccer game is one of the most popular sports around the globe. The world cups take the whole world’s population by storm; not to mention the fact that the world cup played in 2018 (Russia) was watched by approximately 4 billion people. Keeping in mind that the population of the globe ranges somewhere near eight million; this is pretty amazing. In addition, this makes also soccer one of the most watched events in the world.

A soccer ball is one of the first toys that any kid can remember from their childhood; it is common and also the most-widely bought sports gadget. Many aspects play a role in the factor; for instance, it is economical to get one of the best practice soccer balls. One doesn’t have to spend a fortune on it and it is an investment that lasts for a longer time period. If you are reading this article, then there is a great chance that you are looking up the internet for the best training and soccer balls of all times. Don’t worry, we have it all covered here for you and will get to it shortly.

Some of the Essential Benefits of Playing with the Soccer Ball


Before we continue to tour list of the best training soccer balls, let’s have a look at the health benefits and relevant advantages of training with a soccer ball as well as playing soccer with friends and family. You don’t essentially need a partner; you can practice with a soccer ball alone as well. The below-given list includes some of the essential benefits of practicing and playing with a soccer ball.


Soccer is Fun!

Outdoor games are important for health and entertainment. If you want your kids to leave their smartphone games and television screens, buy them one of the best practice soccer balls; they will love it. Their evenings and afternoon games will be fun. Kids are prone to make soccer player idols which further prompts them to seek soccer as a hobby.


Social Interactions

Soccer is a game of tactics which requires communicating through various means; in other words, this worldwide popular game requires social interaction in order to score goals and win the game. Simply put, players have to build an understanding with regards to working together and develop communicative strategies for success.


Soccer increases Focus!

Soccer assist in developing the essential skills of staying alert and focus; crucial opportunities can be missed out if one loses their focus and alertness. In other words, the game of soccer teaches one to maintain their focus throughout the entire soccer game for this is quite crucial when one doesn’t want to miss out on any of the opportunities to goal and score.


Motivational Game

The game of soccer is exclusively motivational in its own way. According to research, those kids who are exposed to soccer from an early age, usually become successful and goal-oriented adults. Essentially, soccer is a goal-driven and motivational game; therefore, it is crucial for the development of the kids as well. In addition, a good game of soccer also enhances the skills of problem-solving as well as cognitive ability. The visual-spatial apprehension of the kids and adults gets increased as well.

The game of soccer is essentially fast paced which makes assists in the development of the ability to come up with strategies and the ability of act and respond quickly for the soccer game is a game of strategies.


The Spirit of an Athlete

The sportsman spirit assists in coping and accepting one’s defeat in a game. In addition, in contrast to other games, it is also quite inexpensive to play. You don’t necessarily need a ball; you can even use an empty can and start kicking it. One can play soccer literally anywhere; on the streets, some empty plot or deserted school ground. Each of the players contribute equally to the game; in this way, it provides an equal opportunity to all to prove themselves and shine throughout the game.

What is the Difference Between a Practice Soccer Ball & a Soccer Match Ball?

Before we proceed to the list of the best training soccer balls, let’s first analyze the essential difference between the practice soccer ball and the soccer match ball. Apart from the general answer to the question that one is used for the training purpose; whereas, the other is used for the actual match, there are other aspects as well that set both apart.

Referring to the best training soccer ball, it is specifically made for the training purpose to be used by an individual as well as an entire team. There is a variety of the training methods for which the best training soccer ball can be used, such as the kicking with the ball against a wall or playing with a group of people in the park. A training soccer ball can be used effectively for any of the recreational programs as per one’s choice and requirement. The quality of this version of the soccer ball ranges between medium to high. In fact, long-lasting material is used in the construction of the best training soccer ball.

Simply put, a training soccer ball is effectively constructed and designed for long-lasting wear and tear. The majority of the top training soccer balls are stitched via the machine which makes them perfect for heavy use. In addition, the outer PU cover of the majority of the top training soccer balls includes an ultra-thin layer of foam as well which renders the training soccer ball sufficiently hard. Typically, the best training soccer ball lies within the range of $20 to $80.

In contrast to the training soccer balls, the match soccer balls are exclusively designed for the use of the official soccer matches. It is the unique construction of the match soccer ball that makes it crucial for the ball to keep in the best condition for a longer time period. This version of the soccer ball is also made with the finest quality making it a soccer ball that ensures high-quality performance. However, in contrast to the top training soccer balls, the match soccer ball isn’t necessarily long-lasting. In addition, the category of the soccer balls that are essentially designed for the official matches is stitched with hand. The foam layer underneath the outer PU cover tends to be slightly thicker than the ultra-thin layer of the training soccer balls.

In contrast to the best training soccer ball, the bladder type of the match soccer ball is softer which generates an excellent sense of touch during miscellaneous actions, such as kicking, passing on, and receiving the ball. In addition, the match soccer balls have also the best flight. Last but not least, the best soccer ball might be excellent for training as well; however, it will never last as long as one of the best practice soccer balls. Typically, the best match soccer ball lies within the range of $60 to $120.

The Lists of Bests in Soccer Balls


Which is the best soccer ball? Buying a great soccer ball is very important. After all, you use it just once and continue stepping on and pushing it for such a long time. It may not be that thing you handle with attention and care. So get something dependable that won’t deteriorate with a lot of use. You do need the right size, the right weight and the right feel otherwise, you won’t be using it properly as there will be no customer satisfaction in this trade. Probably, your ball would be placed in your house along with other items of sports equipment. Ensure it is made of safe material that would not deteriorate easily or end up with health problems when touched by children or pet. Therefore, people should search for the top balls to buy and play. Assessment of ball is done on the basis of manufacturing materials, retention of air pressure, aerodynamics, retention of shape, uptake of water and durability.

A major part of the entire football kit used professionally comes in the category of just being useful rather than indispensable but one item which is irreplaceable and, thus, inevitable is football itself. Footballs may not be available in every size and shape but they do vary from each other much more than expected. Thus, it is extremely important to make the perfect choice. It may be a resilient training ball which can withstand a long period of getting kicked against walls or a hifi piece usable in Premier League or World Cup. We will provide the relevant info you require for answering the question that which is the best soccer ball available.

Firstly, it is about the surface to play on; it is vital for ball’s playability and durability; ensure you know where to use the ball on. You need a standard football for playing and training on grass but it won’t be effective for indoor playing or in the streets for which there are special and different balls made for rough surfaces or the beach. Size comes next. If you are a teenager, a ball of size 5 is optimum though you can have fun with practice sessions using a smaller ball.

You should figure out how close to pro footballs you are aiming. A ball approved by FIFA obviously is more expensive than others. No doubt, it is made of best materials and playing with it, you will enjoy to the fullest. However, it is not exactly durable like training balls built to last longer with lesser playability. There are especially designed balls for various types of play. Indoor balls being less bouncy than outdoor ones have felt surfaces while beach balls have softer covers to play with bare feet. You may use a conventional football on astroturf but ensure its outer surface is durable.

What are the best soccer balls around? They are made from synthetic leather promising good control and best feel for a player. PU is the material utilized for balls used in matches as well as training while PVC is used in cheaper balls. Don’t forget to consider what the inner bladder is made of. In premium balls, latex is used for a softer feel but it requires regular inflation. Less costly balls are made of heavier materials (e.g. butyl) which don’t let feet feel that good but they remain inflated for a very long period of time.

Are you longing to imitate the greatest footballers playing with balls used at the top level? If yes, then be ready to spend £70-130 on a single ball. Cheap balls will also come at £25-50. Balls for training cost much lesser – you don’t need more than £20. You can get a good ball even under £10. Specialist ones (indoor, futsal & beach balls) are higher in cost; be prepared for paying £20-30 and even more for a tournament ball. In general, if you seek buying the No. 1 football anytime, look out for the ball being used in the biggest upcoming tournament around. You will, hopefully, get the latest balls.

8 Best Soccer Balls to Buy


Adidas Official World Cup 2018 Telstar 18


Adidas honored Russians with a ball designed according to their urban landscape. Instead of the ball’s appearance, it is actually the technicality which really excited. The 6 panels are equally sized and bonded thermally to make a ball perfectly round and protected from absorption of water. It has a surface which is seamless. Its texture grants control to the ball increasing the spin on passes and shots. This ball will really go on. Certainly one of the best soccer balls to buy.


Mitre Delta Professional Football

Although Mitre’s catalog has many excellent inclusions but this one is most impressive. The PU outer is bouncy with a rough surface for improving control whereas the power bladder within is made for keeping shots straight when they shoot to the top corner. The fourteen panels on outer area are merged by Hyperseam technology aimed at minimizing uptake of water while maximizing retention of air so you don’t have to pump-up your ball. Certainly one of the best soccer balls to buy.


Nike Strike

Known as the best football for training, Nike Strike has a rough stitched-with-machine outer area making it worthy of possessing something in between durability and great feeling on foot. Its outer bounciness is retained by a bladder of butyl for retaining shape and being inflated for lengthy periods irrespective of frequency of use. It is available in many designs but all of them include bold graphics for tracking the ball as it moves around the field. Do you prefer a ball which is as good as a match ball and has enough toughness for lasting kickabouts for months, this should be on your list. Certainly one of the best soccer balls to buy.


Mitre Impel

Known to be the top football for training with cost less than £10, it handles heavy usage on every type of surface in every type of weather proving how durable it is retaining air like any other ball. The outer surface makes it last longer and it is not silky on your feet like a full-fledged match ball. An inner soft lining cushions the ball’s influence enhancing playability. If you are willing to invest slightly more, buy Mitre Impel Max and Mitre Impel Plus. All these promise equal permanency but their outer areas do improve when you spend more due to well-textured PU for higher control. Certainly one of the best soccer balls to buy.


Senda Rio

Labelled as the best football for futsal, it is smaller in size and lesser in bounce as compared to usual ones. It is slightly trickier to kick and control. Thus, it only attracts players who are technically skilled. Furthermore, in indoor playing, sliding tackles isn’t favorable in the first place. If you do a lot of toe-punting the ball which is a usual futsal technique for creating swerves, Rio’s durability will be welcomed. Certainly one of the best soccer balls to buy.


Sondico Neosa

Indoor games are always different and same is the case with football. The outer layers of balls used for outdoor playing skid off from beneath feet on hard and slippery indoor areas while bouncing from walls at extreme speeds. Sondico Neosa’s felt panels make it easier to control on indoor areas while reducing the bounce from walls. Despite inhibited rebound, bouncing from walls is still hard but Neosa’s bladder lasts for a long time. It maintains shape inspite of continuous punishment. Certainly one of the best soccer balls to buy especially as one of the best indoor soccer balls around.


Senda Playa

Balls for outdoor need water resistance but if the sea is really close, this is a priority. The Senda Playa, recognized as the best beach ball, has an outer made of 6 big panels that are resistant to water; they are, for higher durability, hand-stitched. This beach football is softer due to the fact that players have bare feet. Its padded outer has 4 layered linings of polyester/cotton for softness helping the ball to maintain its shape. Besides being padded, its outer layer is resistant to abrasive impact of playing football on sand. Thus, without being damaged, it will endure beach trips. Certainly one of the best soccer balls to buy.


Nike Merlin

It is certainly Premier League’s best football. It features 4 panels only with spots on its outside. There are lesser seams with more sweet spots. Thus, firing shots and playing passes with higher accuracy is possible. Nike used its special technology in developing this ball making playing in unfavorable weather easier. This is reinforced by its pattern of colors which is aimed at recognizing the ball’s spin as it approaches you and avoiding a lame move. Certainly one of the best soccer balls to buy.

10 Best Brands


Are you looking for a quality soccer ball? If yes, first find out which is the top brand. We are shortlisting the ten best soccer ball brands (not in any order of priority) from innumerable options to save your time, energy and even money.



This brand is indeed among the most popular ones for sports equipment. It makes high quality items for different sporting needs but its niche is, undoubtedly, soccer ball of very high caliber. For a very long time, it has been the official brand of FIFA. Adidas continues to improve the quality of balls it makes for the most recognized players. It makes balls for UEFA Champions League & Olympics. So no list is complete without Adidas. Certainly one of the best soccer ball brands.



This is another epic brand. Besides being the world’s most popular company for sports goods, Nike is responsible for manufacturing top quality soccer balls which are used in pro leagues of the major countries that love soccer to the fullest. Certainly one of the best soccer ball brands.



Puma was, interestingly, founded by the brother of founder of Adidas. No wonder, high quality ran in the family’s veins. It has been famous ever since then for top quality sports goods especially soccer balls. Currently, it is continuing to meet high standards set by itself since a long time. Certainly one of the best soccer ball brands.



This brand focusses on manufacturing sports equipment only for soccer, rugby and netball. This niche-oriented attitude made them focus on offering users/players with the best soccer balls since more than 2 centuries. Certainly one of the best soccer ball brands.



Danish goalkeeper of the past, Eigil Nielsin was well aware how a great soccer ball is made putting all his acumen in action by initiating what would eventually become a very lucrative business. He was the pioneer of soccer balls without lacing. You too are welcome to commence your soccer journey by this wonderful make. If you purchase select, it is possible you might not look elsewhere at all. Certainly one of the best soccer ball brands.



By 1920, Voit had managed to manufacture the first ever fully molded rubber ball in soccer. It was also responsible for balls with needle-like valves for air-retention. Later, it applied such special, original, creative and advanced methods which made sure that the balls were more consistent and more powerful. Since they were made in masses, they were cheaper with higher availability. Certainly one of the best soccer ball brands.



With a head office in England, this supplier of sportswear/equipment has an established business in more than 90 countries. Since its foundation was laid almost a century ago, it has produced products of top quality. Its soccer balls are officially utilized in many soccer nations including Canada. Certainly one of the best soccer ball brands.



This top brand from USA is focused on making basketballs while manufacturing and offering top caliber soccer balls as well for pro players. As a result of vast experience since the 19th century, it has special technologies for making sure the balls are simply top-notch. Certainly one of the best soccer ball brands.



This USA’s company manufactures equipment for baseball, badminton, soccer, softball, volleyball and golf. It is among the world’s oldest companies. Wilson has managed to provide great footballs ever since its inception and there is no stopping them at all. Certainly one of the best soccer ball brands.


Under Armour

Though Under Armour is usually known for casual/sportswear, it is also responsible for making top quality soccer balls competing with the best in the world. It is a sponsor for many football teams which include Baltimore Bohemians and Sao Paolo. Certainly one of the best soccer ball brands.

What are the Best Soccer Balls for Training?

There is a huge variety of the best soccer balls for training available in the markets and online stores; the below-given list will assist you in making the best decision with regards to getting your hands on one of the top training soccer balls of all times. These balls are specifically made for practicing and should be your first choice if you are only into training and not for any serious matches or big competitions. Have fun scrolling through the list!


The Desafio 395

This is one of the best soccer balls for training at all times; you will not be disappointed with this. Among the various features of this match soccer ball, you will find that it has an awesome and attractive design as well as an attractive sporty color. This training soccer ball is made of premium quality and exhibits excellent performance. The bouncing capability of this version of the best training soccer ball is excellent as well. Once the ball is struck, the flight of the ball will reveal the credibility and flight of the Desafio 395. If you are looking for quality training hours with a training soccer ball, then you ought to get this version of the best-quality soccer balls. It will not give up on you even after long intensive training sessions with the team. This version of the training soccer ball is essentially designed for the best and essentially fun training sessions.

Apart from the previously mentioned aspects, this training soccer ball has other advantages as well:

  • The Composition Material: this training soccer ball includes the material of soft PU which is backed up with polyester. This type of composition material strengthens the solidness as well as the longevity of the training soccer ball. Moreover, it also decreases the chances of wear and tear. Due to the composition material of this training soccer ball, it exhibits remarkable capabilities with regards to performance.
  • The Design: due to the fact that this soccer ball is stitched via machine, the shape of it is maintained even after days, weeks, and months of intensive training sessions. The perfectly round shape of this soccer ball enables the players to indulge in a tactful soccer game while enhancing their general footwork during the training sessions. Apart from the perfect design, this training soccer ball has an extraordinary color as well which is vivid and flashy.
  • The Performance: With respect to the performance of the Desafio 395 soccer training ball, this soccer ball generates a smooth air spin which feels perfect. This is the perfect way to find out whether the top training soccer balls are as good and outstanding as they look. In this regards, this soccer training ball id perfectly designed and constructed to meet the standards of the intensive training sessions. It is a heavy soccer ball for training.

Adidas Performance Starlancer V (Soccer Ball)


This soccer ball has made it to number two of our list of the best soccer balls for training; it has been constructed and stitched via machine. If you are looking for the best soccer ball skills training, then you ought to consider getting one of the Adidas Performance Starlancer V training soccer balls. This training soccer ball is extraordinary and essentially remarkable with regards to durability and long life. The best aspect about this Adidas soccer ball is that despite being stitched with the machine, it has a soft feel and touch about it. For an amazing game experience, this training soccer ball is fun to play with. Let’s have a look at the essential features of this training soccer ball:

  • Durability: This soccer ball is constructed with good-quality PU material which exhibits durability along with resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and wears and tear. The construction material of this ball ensures that it lasts longer.
  • Design: the construction material of this bag includes TPU (nylon wound carcass); the butyl bladder added with the PU casing ensures that the round shape of the football is retained even during the intensive training sessions.
  • Filling of Air: the best part about this training soccer ball is that you won’t have to worry about the maintenance of the shape of the training soccer ball.
  • Performance: this training soccer ball has been machine-stitched which means that it is sturdy enough to undergo intensive training sessions. In addition, the internal TPU also ensures the best performance. If you are looking for intensive creativity while playing soccer ball then this is the way to go. It is a heavy soccer ball for training.

Nike Training Soccer Ball (Training)

If you want to live your training sessions with a feel of recreation, you ought to try your footwork and soccer drills on the Nike Pitch. The color of this soccer ball is a statement in itself. This long lasting training soccer ball will certainly outlast others during the football training sessions. The exquisite look, touch, and design of this training soccer ball ensure that you have the best training experience ever. Let’s have a look at the amazing features of this training soccer ball:

  • Constructive Material: this training soccer ball is made with the best-quality PU material that exhibits a long-lasting performance ability. In addition, the amazing touch of this soccer ball ensures that you will have the best soccer experience. The rubber bladder of this Nike training soccer ball ensures that the shape is maintained even after months of intensive training sessions.
  • Size: This version of the top training soccer balls is available in miscellaneous sizes as well. You can choose between size 3, size 4, and size 5. One can choose the perfect size that suits their requirement as well as playing skills.
  • Retention of Air: this version of the Nike soccer balls strongly-built which means that it can retain air in its bladder for a longer time period. As mentioned earlier, you will not need to re-fill this training soccer ball often. It is a heavy soccer ball for training.

Adidas Euro Soccer Ball (16 Glider)

If you want to add a bit of versatility and spice to your soccer game and training sessions, then you ought to get one of the Adidas 16 Glider soccer balls. Due to the maintenance of shape and high-quality material, this is among the really good soccer balls for training and it will guarantee the best training and gaming session. The amazing color and design of this training soccer ball ensure that one can have a fun time on the soccer field as well as the backyard of one’s house. It doesn’t matter whether you are training alone or with your friends and family, this training soccer ball will take the training sessions to the next level. Let’s have a look at the amazing features of this training soccer ball:

  • Compositional Structure: Referring to the structure and composition of this training soccer ball, it comprises a good-quality PU body which ensures longevity as well as durability. The carcass of this soccer ball (nylon-wound) ensures that this training soccer ball exhibits the perfect touch which is neither too hard nor too soft. Moreover, the machine-stitched design of this training soccer ball makes it all the way more sturdy and durable.
  • Durability: This version of the soccer balls is definitely made with the best material; hence, it ensures that the soccer ball boasts durability as well as longevity. Not to mention the fact that this design of the training soccer balls includes butylene as well as thermoplastic polyurethane (100%).
  • Last but not least, the Adidas Euro Soccer Ball (16 Glider) has rightfully made its place among the top training balls of all times with its reliable constructive material; air retention; durability, and longevity. You will definitely have fun while passing the soccer ball to and fro between your teammates or friends. It is a heavy soccer ball for training.

Numero 10 Soccer Ball (Select)

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This is one of the best training soccer balls for a fantastic training experience. If you have an eye for acute details, then you ought to get one of these ‘Select’ training soccer balls. Despite the high-quality of this soccer ball, it is available for the best price in the market which means that you won’t have to spend a lot on the best soccer training experience. This training soccer ball is essentially the embodiment of modern technology. The bellow-given list of the amazing features of this soccer ball suffice to convince you that this is the best choice with regards to the best training and drilling experience:

  • Color: this training soccer ball is made of an essentially eye-catching color that definitely increases the visibility level on the playground. The aspect of higher visibility allows the players to keep better track of the training soccer ball without getting disoriented. It doesn’t matter whether your training sessions take place during the night time or during the winter season, you will never lose track of this training soccer ball.
  • Structure and Design: the 32 panels of the Numero 10 Select soccer ball are stitched together via hand which ensures that the soccer ball is not only durable but also sturdy enough to last months and years. The exterior shell of this soccer ball is textured which ensures that the players experience greater control during the training and gaming sessions. Moreover, the textured exterior shell of this training soccer ball also exhibits resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and wear and tear. If you select this training soccer ball, it will definitely stay with you for a longer time period.
  • Predictability of Flight: Looking for the best soccer ball that includes the aspect of flight predictability? This version of the Select Numero 10 training soccer ball has it all. This soccer ball model includes the truest flight one can imagine. This training soccer ball is made with a high-quality latex bladder that adds solid responsiveness to the flight of the soccer ball. It is a heavy soccer ball for training.

Adidas MLS Glider

As far as Major Soccer League fans are concerned, this ball is the ideal thing and is available in different versions and color patterns. It is a heavy soccer ball for training. It is used in MLS games. It has a powerful construction with nylon carcass to enhance robustness and resistance to every kind of field. It is stitched by machines. Its Butyl bladder makes sure retention of air is of maximum value and since it is deflated when shipped, an air pump will be needed in case you lack it. These balls are loved by many as they last longer granting the real experience of soccer. So if you seek a good ball at cheap price, this is indeed a great option. Certainly one of the good soccer balls for training.


Brine Voracity

One ball without which this list is simply not complete is Brine Verocity. It is a heavy soccer ball for training. It is hand-stitched with a Polyurethane (PU) cover that guarantees a great playing experience in the field. It features a special bladder system which, according to the company, carries air ten times longer than conventional latex. It is available in different color schemes so it is certain that at least one piece is your favorite. As far as size is concerned, it only comes in 5. Thus it is for players with age above 12. It can be certainly utilized in local contests including high school competitions. It won’t ever be an unfavorable option for soccer training. Its cost is manageable and its online reviews are mostly very favorable, thus proving it deserves to be mentioned in this article. No doubt, among the really good soccer balls for training.


Baden Thermo

It is no bias or prejudice or favoritism at all to say that this soccer ball has indeed the coolest design. It is a heavy soccer ball for training. As indicated by its name, it is bonded thermally for permanence and full retention of shape. It is resistant to water, a trait we don’t usually see in soccer balls with a cost less than 50 dollars. Endorsed by NFHS, it comes in 4/5 size which depends on the player’s age. It has a bladder of rubber guarantying higher air retention irrespective of frequency of usage. To sum it up, it is the best soccer training ball under $40. Not as famous as Numero 10 as it is still relatively new. Not to forget that if everyone is saying only good things about it, there must be something special in Baden Thermo. Indeed, one of the really good soccer balls for training around.


KixSports KixFriction

To readers, this final choice might appear strange and they are not completely wrong either. This soccer ball is totally opposite of usual ones. It is a heavy soccer ball for training. KixSports aspired to produce KixFriction as a piece that would stand far above the rest – they did succeed in their goal. It is hand-stitched featuring a resistant-to-scratches cover and a bladder of latex for best performance. The external design is rather odd to say the least. It is to be utilized on every type of surface. It is meant for grass fields as well as streets. It is not an overstatement at all if it is said that KixFriction is a ball for all kinds of surfaces. Play it while both training and freestyling in streets. It is not easy at all to get a ball which is so user-friendly irrespective of external conditions. You can ignore this while making any list of good soccer balls for training.

What About the Sizes?

In case you are wondering about the significance of soccer ball sizes, let us make things easier for you. The sizes of the soccer balls are compatible with the age group of the players. For instance, size number 1 is considered suitable for all age groups with regards to training skills and control of the soccer ball. The circumference of the soccer ball of this size is typically 18 to 20 inches. The size number 3 is considered appropriate for the junior soccer players with the circumference of the soccer ball ranging between 23 and 24 inches. The number 4 size of the soccer ball is deemed as appropriate for the youth players with the circumference ranging between 25 and 26 inches. Lastly, the size 5 of the soccer balls is essential for adults with a circumference ranging between 27 and 28 inches. It is a heavy soccer ball for training and playing.

Which is the No.1 Choice in My Case?


With so many options to choose from, it makes us really double-minded as to which should be our No.1 choice as every soccer ball seems very impressive, convincing and purchasable. What to do now? Thus, the inevitable result is this last section of our article. For making everything simple, accessible and to the point, different possible and practical situations are mentioned so you decide which exactly is your own case.

Case 1: I want to use a ball on everyday basis

For playing every day, you should get a premium ball which is more expensive because of being made from higher quality materials. This implies it has the endurance for extreme usage while lasting much longer than balls with less cost. Our recommended choices are certainly Knuckle-it Pro and Adidas Euro 16 Match Ball.

Case 2: I want to use a ball few times monthly

In this situation, training ones are fine. Any single option among the best soccer balls for training written above will do the trick well. Still, the most highly recommended ones are Baden Thermo and Numero 10.

Case 3: I want a ball as gift for children

Suppose your beloved blue-eyed kid’s passion is none other than soccer and you wish to give him/her a special present which is not expensive either. This case varies according to the kid’s age. Hence:-

If under 8, Tachikara SS32 is highly endorsed due to its soft surface and the fact that it is ideal for indoor action. Anyone’s vote for the best indoor soccer ball.

If 8-12, you should opt for a 4 sized ball. Adidas MLS Glider is then a nice choice.

If above 12, you should opt for a 5 sized ball. Brine Voracity and Numero 10 come to mind at once.

Case 4: I want a ball fully endorsed by NFHS for usage in local soccer contests

This demanding situation begs for buying a premium ball. I would recommend Adidas UEFA Euro 2016, Telstar 18 & Knuckle-It Pro.

Case 5: I want a ball for futsal soccer

Senda Rio Futsal Training Ball, Senda Vitoria DuoTech and Baden Futsal are wonderful deals. If you especially seek it for an official match, you should definitely opt for Senda Vitoria. If you are just into practice, go for the Senda Rio. It is a heavy soccer ball for training.

Some Final Thoughts…

Many people ask the question with regards to the soccer training schedule with regards to what is the perfect soccer training schedule if one wants to become a professional soccer player. The most-given answer to which is to train at least 10,000 hours. We know that this definitely looks like a massive number to anyone out there trying to come up with a soccer training schedule as well as soccer balls skill training. The key to success is discipline and consistency. Once you will initiate the soccer training schedule, you will feel the difference soon. Now you should be as knowledgeable as a PHD if someone asks you which the best soccer ball available is.

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