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HP Envy X2 Review | Is it the Best 2-1 Laptop ?

HP Envy x2: The best 2-1 laptop?

HP Envy x2 has come forward with a sleek design a lot of claims, lets dive in and see is this 2-1 laptop the best deal to make for a laptop? Read more to find out.

The specifications:

There surely is a long list of specifications for this particular one so you would surely want to sit back. The Qualcomm processor in this one is the talk of the town! It makes the laptop work very well. From Windows 10 to 22 hours of battery life, this is surely one 2-1 laptop one would like to take a look at.

Storage: 10/10

The HP Envy x2 has supported up to 256 GB and this does not shadow its performance at all. No need is left to have other storage items for storage purposes because this one will keep all your things safe.

Performance: 10/10

The performance without a doubt is something that cannot be challenged. The HP Envy x2 works like a charm! The applications run smoothly, the startup time is very quick and not very time-consuming. It supports 4G LTE which throws the connectivity issue doubts out the window.

Design: 9/10

The design is what is its unique selling point so it deserves more focus than an ordinary laptop. The main idea is that it turns into a tab and a laptop is attached to the keyboard and even with it attached, it does not lose its beauty or the thinness of the product. The design is extremely thin and very easy to carry.

Convenience: 9/10

This 2-1 product is definitely candy for the eyes and is very convenient to carry, with it being a tab and a thin product to carry but is it really worth it? Since its functions can be further compressed into a mobile phone, it’s okay to buy it but we can’t classify this as a necessity. If you’re a collector or a fan, this item is surely the one to try!

Price: 7/10

The specifications are fabulous but apart from that, the price is too much for an average person to pay. If one will spend this amount on a 2 in 1 laptop, they can surely explore better options. The hefty price is a huge bummer but other than that, the product is to die for.

Sound and accessories: 9/10

The sound for a tab/laptop so thin and small is very commendable. The speaker has a loud and clear sound. Moreover, the accessories offered with it are an added bonus. They give a pen to operate the tab with and have a little pocket on the side to even keep it. When you use a tab, making notes or drawing feel like it’s on real paper.


Where to Buy?

Think twice before purchasing a laptop online. we would suggest you to buy only from trusted sellers like Amazon  

7.7 Total Score
Final Verdict

HP Envy x2 has come forward with a sleek design a lot of claims, lets dive in and see is this 2-1 laptop the best deal to make for a laptop?

Sound & Accessories
  • Good Design
  • Battery life
  • Easy to carry
  • Very high price
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