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Whats New in iPhone Xs & iPhone XS Max

Apple has managed to generate a lot of buzz no matter what their product is but their most awaited products are definitely the IPhone series. Just recently, iPhone XS has launched and here’s what we think about it.

How are iPhone XS and XS Max any different?

The iPhone XS Max is more or less the same to iPhone XS since Apple has introduced a plus or now named ‘Max’ model alongside with only two differences: the camera and the storage space.
Like the iPhone XS, XS also has an A12 Bionic chipset, making it the fastest phone introduced yet. The processor shows visible differences upon usage and the system is faster and more applaudable than it was before. Not just in phones but all other phones worldwide.

Is the price really worth the new specs in iPhone XS?

After going past its hefty price tag, is the iPhone really modified for the best? The price starts from a whopping $1500 and goes to almost $2100 for its 512GB phone. Now, that the iPhone X has been discontinued, the comparison starts from point zero since the basic is now gone and not many have their hands on it. A smart move by Apple, I must say.

The basic change and quite top-notch in its kind indeed is the A 12 Bionic chipset. It’s faster than the speed of light and is on top of its game. It supports a lot more in the iPhone, gives a lot more benefits but they are certainly not attractive to the masses and public since they’re of no use to the average user.

The A 12 bionic chip is the fastest in its kind, it’s the best that has ever been put in a phone. Apple has always come up with the best, which they have also asked a lot of money for but their innovation has always been applauded and that’s why people still buy such expensive phones and admire them thoroughly.

The new software update ( iOS 12 ) 

The improvements are really obvious, upon using one can see how user-friendly the phone is and how quicker and better the software is. The iPhone X series have the new IOS 12. IOS 12 has not seen a bad review, yet. iPhone users all over the world are loving the new update and what it carries.

A new colour for the iPhone family :

The colour is an obvious bonus we see. It’s a bit more towards the crème beige tone but definitely a good add-on to the already existing options.

The new camera: for better or for worse?

Smart HDR has been added in the camera and the video results have been sharpened which are pretty obvious in themselves. There is no arguing that the iPhone cameras are newer and better every time and this one is surely the best they have introduced to date. The portrait mode gives more in-depth options to explore, to take pictures like never before and edit them at the same time, giving a higher level of functionality to young users or artists worldwide.

The unanswered question: has the battery time improved in the iPhone XS?

More than ever, even with the fastest processor introduced yet, Apple could not make the battery time any better. The battery time again is the type where you need to clutch a power bank to your chest to move. This has been a huge drawback in the otherwise remarkable phone with technology like never before.

The screen and shape, in general, are no different than before and since after the discontinuation of the iPhone X, this will be the only one of its kind. Again, a very smart move played by Apple.

Conclusively, The iPhone XS is slightly improved than before but the price is hard to look past. If you can, it’s a better and modified phone but it is more of an altered version of the iPhone X. It doesn’t change a lot except the specs and camera. If they are of your use, you should definitely rush to the nearest Apple store and buy yours now!

iPhone XS Max: The priciest iPhone till date

The iPhone XS Max is the new phone launched alongside iPhone XS and iPhone XR. To know more in-depth specs just keep  scrolling 

Camera modification in iPhone XS Max :

The camera is far more modified and advanced than it was before, providing a lot of new ways to edit photos and now, users can also adjust the depth in portrait modes. The smart HDR camera addition is definitely the talk of the town.
The storage space is ample enough to fit your life inside a box but then again, they start at a whopping price of $2100 which is a lot to pay for a phone.

Look and design of XS :

iPhone XS Max is the slimmest iPhone because of its tapered edges. It’s the biggest screen and the phone definitely is eye-catching in the hand. Apple claims it is liquid tested for a bunch of liquids but they don’t cover any water damage.
The phone undoubtedly is extremely sleek and very beautiful to hold. The new colour is very crème beige toned and is a remarkable addition to the colour family.
The glass is tougher than it was in the iPhone X. The rear and front are stronger than before.

Overall, the series is a good one, to begin with, but read more on the specifications here to make an informed decision.