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The Sharper Home Security Camera Nest Cam IQ Indoor Reviews

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Review:

Get a certainly smartest security ever with Nest Cam IQ. Get mobile alerts when you are on the go or review recording at a later time. Stay at ease with a 4k sensor, which has face recognition built in. Get this high quality monitoring device that uses advanced algorithms to recognize and track faces.  Read on the full Nest Cam IQ review to know its features better that includes but not limited to round the clock surveillance.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Features:

• Signals when someone walks into the frame
• 12x digital zoom and enhance
• 4k sensor
• High Dynamic Range imaging
• HD Talk and Listen
• 24/7 live streaming
• 130° view in 1080p HD
• Night Vision and 940 nm infrared LED
• Activity alerts

Live streaming

Lookout 24/7 hours streaming of your home in 1080p HD. You can see more with its 130° field of view. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor comes with night vision and 940 nm infrared LED, that allows you to keep an observant eye during the course of night.

Excellent monitoring

You can hear exactly what’s happening and speak back clearly with its HD Talk and Listen. Moreover, you can catch more minute details with High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. Its super sight feature uses 4k sensor and 12x digital zoom, which enhance to focus in on and track faces.

Stay Alert

Get notified of things even when you are away from home. Have Person Alerts whenever someone walks into the frame. You can also reviews a three hour snapshot history using the Nest app and have a look at any alerts you missed. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor even use familiar face alerts to differentiate between family members and strangers. Cool, we know right!

  • Excellent image quality day/night
  • Beautifully build hardware design
  • Integrated Google Assistant
  • Smart alerts and video highlights

  • Some smart features require Nest Aware subscription

 Nest Cam IQ Indoor


Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a very smooth security camera system with outstanding image quality and features. It is of no doubt that it’s a smart and sophisticated security camera and with brilliant combination of intelligent features with high quality performance. You will certainly be happy to invest in this smart home camera because of its excellent yet delighted results.

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