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[New report ] What iPhone X did in its Prime Time

iPhone X, the end report: Pros and cons

Recently after the launch of the new iPhones, which are iPhone XS …  let’s walk down the memory lane and see how iPhone X did in its prime time.

Glass screen:

Many people refused to buy the iPhone X because of its glass screen, which makes the phone useless after one fall since new screen costs as much as the phone itself. Many chose to buy this product solely because of its innovative design and the glass beauty. Huge brands like Oppo and Huawei launched phones like these later which are blatant copies of the iPhone X since this idea was very new and not available in the market.

Headphone Jack:

After the headphone jack was removed since iPhone 7, ear pods were introduced. Many were comforted by the idea of no wires tangled inside each other when they need to make an important call but many chose to ridicule the idea and did not buy the iPhone X.

Battery time:

With consumption of the battery even in the ear pods and every other reason to be found, the battery life has reduced to a very low point where a common man cannot commute without a power bank. This ended up being a huge flaw in the phone but it did quite well in the market, nonetheless.

3D touch:

The introduction of the 3D touch was a huge surprise for tech-giants all over the world and even iPhone users were excited as well as fascinated to use this brand new technology! After the launch, it turned out that sometimes the 3D touch worked and mostly it didn’t. Provided the fact it was a huge bummer but we have to hand it to Apple for coming up with something nobody had thought before.  

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Conclusively, iPhone X did well in the time of its spotlight, regardless of the flaws it had. Let’s wait and see how the new iPhones succeed or fail in impressing us!


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