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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review Specifications & More

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is one of the best and undeniably sexy Android phones you can buy in 2019. It comfortably stands up against the iPhone X, LG G7 and even Samsung’s other flagship phones. Polished and refined are the words that come to mind when holding the Galaxy S9 Plus, which is the larger version of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S9 flagship smartphone. Is it worth the high price tag? Yes, we think so, because it certainly does impress. Samsung’s drastic transformation of its ‘S’ series last year was the start of a new style in phone design and its implementation feels quite natural and well-thought-out. Read away to get the full review of its astonishing features.

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High speed and performance

Stream and transfer content using the Samsung Galaxy S9+ improved modem, which provides you to do maximum data transmissions faster than ever before. Its modem lets you transmit for up to 20% higher max data than the Samsung Galaxy S8’s 16 modems. It also supports other network bands and higher 4×4 MIMO/CA (carrier aggregation).

Next level Camera

Radical 960 FPS super slow-motion clicks up to 4 times as many frames per second. That way you can slow down reality and enjoy every frame. Get clear, high-quality pictures even at a distance using the clear zoom feature. Opt for Live Focus mode to adjust background blur and better capture your subject.
Take advantage of a dual aperture f2.4-f1.5 lens that lets in the right amount of light, even in dark or poor lighting conditions.

Creativity with Camera

Correct shutter speeds, fix exposure levels, choose filters and more using Pro Mode. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) compensates for your movement to give you clear, quality pictures. Click multiple photos in one go to craft one final image with Dual Pixel 2.0. Moreover, record videos in stunning 4K UHD. Its dual Camera with OIS on both lenses lets you click even more with less motion blur, no matter whether you’re shooting in the dark or from a distance.

Three-dimensional entertainment

Experience ultimate entertainment with an Infinity Display. Movies and videos literally come to life in a lively variety of color from the Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display. Enjoy your favorite music with clearer and louder audio from speakers pro-tuned by AKG. You can also launch and run two applications side- by-side on your Infinity Display.

Useful yet fun AR

Interpret street signs, menus, and much more. With Bixby Translate, use your camera to change text into a language you can understand. Generate your own custom emoji library using just one picture. Send engaging messages to friends and family using a personalized Augment Reality emoji that talks and moves as you do.

Best performance

With S9+, nothing slows down as it is fast charge compatible. Moreover, IP68 rating gives your device resistance against dust, dirt, sand and water. Water resistant in up to 5 feet of water and for up to 30 minutes. Keep as many videos, photos and apps you want at hand with an enough expandable storage of up to 400GB.

Face recognition

It has the secure the Iris Scanner and Facial Recognition, so use to open your phone rapidly and easily. Fusion biometrics will certainly unlock your device with accuracy no matter if you are surrounded by dark environment or bright sunlight.

Long Battery life

Enjoy up to 31 hours of calls, gaming sessions, TV binges and more with S9+‘s long-term battery. DeX-compatible Work without the hassle of carrying your laptop around. Samsung DeX lets you attach your Samsung Galaxy S9+ to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a rapid and easy way to open apps, use keyboard shortcuts and manage files on a big screen.

More space efficient

Multitask more quickly and efficiently with its 6GB of Ram. Run various apps and programs at the same time without any commotion of low speed or performance.

  • Impressive low-light camera
  • Better-placed fingerprint sensor
  • 3D entertainment stereo system
  • Great and customizable OLED display

  • AR Emoji mode is overrated
  • Live Focus produces fuzzy photos
  • Battery could be better


Galaxy S9 Plus surely brings a refined design, and without any doubt its camera makes the phone stand
out, and worth the high price tag with all the outstanding specifications. It is literally a statement of
best-in-class hardware.