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Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for Classroom Use

Pencils and sharpeners share a strong relationship. A sharpener can literally make or break a pencil’s ability to write smoothly, no matter how good, soft and smooth the pencil is. Artists, school teachers and art instructors especially understand the significance of the best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use and personal use.

It is Important To Get the best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use

While this pencil-sharpener debate might sound silly to some of you, it is critically important to those who regularly use pencils. In fact, it is often one of the touchiest topics to those who understand what a good pencil means. A pencil is an important tool of the trade for many of us and behind every good pencil, there is an extraordinary pencil sharpener.

Sharpeners Are Important To Pencils

Be it lead pencils, colored pencils or charcoal pencils, they all need a good shave to make their mark. Even the most perfect, smooth and creamiest pencils are of no good until you shave the wood off to reveal the beautiful graphite. Then sharp it to the right angle for a perfect stroke. A low-quality sharpener will probably shave the pencil enough to write. However, it will fray off the wood and chip off the tip. Pencil is a crucial part of your art workshop, home, office, classroom or garage. It lets you draw, sketch, mark, write, record and much more. For a smooth working pencil, you need the best pencil sharpener, electric or otherwise. Consider only best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use. Well, a lot of schools are also preferring heavy duty electric pencil sharpener for classroom use.

How to Sharp a Perfect Pencil

When the pens run out of ink and the pencils get dull, a good sharpener becomes a lifesaver. But there are multiple ways to get the tip and your choice. You can either use a blade to shave the wood, use a regular handheld sharpener, a standard handheld sharpener with the container, a sturdy, professional manual sharpener, or an electrical sharpener. At the same time, be sure you are using the best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use. When it comes to heavy duty electric pencil sharpener for classroom use, most of them are not recommended.

Types of Pencil Sharpeners

Pencil sharpeners mainly fall into 3 major categories. One is the simple knife blades that shave off the wood. The other is the regular blade sharpeners or the helix sharpeners. These blade and helical sharpeners are now available in multiple variants in the markets. These variants include manual as well as some of the best electrical pencil sharpeners to heavy-duty electric pencil sharpeners for classroom use, art studios and workshops. Some are best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use and some are for other purposes too.

1. The Old School Knife Blade Pencil Sharpener

The knife blades, like sharpening blocks and sandpapers, are, no doubt, the oldest way to shave and sharp charcoals and graphite sticks. They work well with almost any kind of pencil to get your desired tip and shape of the lead. To date, they are the most practical way to shave off and sharp charcoals. However, the right technique is significant to use these knife blades, efficiently, on wooden pencils. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of material to get the perfect tip and might cut yourself too in the process.

2. Simple Blade Pencil Sharpeners / Prism Sharpeners

Simple blade pencil sharpeners are easy to use regular portable sharpeners. These sharpeners are the most common type we all used at schools. It is rectangular in shape with a conical cylinder in the center. A blade is fixed on one side of the conical chamber. Insert one end of the pencil into this conical and simply twist the pencil. The blade shaves off the wood to reveal the lead and sharps the pencil into a perfect tip. The quality and results of this sharpener depend on the angle of the blade in the conical cylinder. These sharpeners are ideal for lead and graphite pencils as well as colored pencils. These are the most common, portable and easy to use sharpeners we use even today. The only drawback is that the wood shavings fall off to the ground. Moreover, these sharpeners might not be good for very creamy and soft pencils as the lead might melt and stick into the sleek inner corner of the conical space.

3. Reservoir Blade Sharpeners

These are the regular blade sharpeners with a reservoir for the shavings. These pencil sharpeners are also the prism sharpeners or manual sharpeners. They have the same conical cylinder with a sharp blade to shave off the wood and sharp the tip of the pencil. The blade side comes in a casing which works as a bin container for the scraps to fall off into.

In both simple blade/ prism sharpeners and reservoir sharpeners, you must hold the sharpener steady and rotate the pencil with the right amount of pressure. Otherwise, the lead will break off with pressure. Moreover, it is important to stop at the right time or the lead will break off at the tip. These work like a knife blade in a chamber. The only difference is that these are much easier to use.

Prism sharpeners come with single or double holes. The standard hole size is usually 7mm or 8mm. But you can also find them in 9mm or bigger holes for special Pencil sizes from different brands.

Faber Castell, Steadtler, Prismacolor, Stabilo and Derwent are among the most famous stationary brands that offer some of the best manual pencil sharpeners for classrooms, artists and everyday use.

4. Helix Sharpeners / Crank Sharpeners

The helix sharpeners also commonly known as crank sharpeners are quite different in mechanics from the regular blade sharpeners. Quite opposite to the blade sharpeners, it is the shaving tool kit that revolves around the Prismacolor pencil, while the pencils stay steady in place with the help of clamps. Helical sharpeners do not have a straight knife-like blade to shave and sharp the pencils. Instead, these come with a cylinder with spiraling sharp ridges throughout the surface. This cylinder rotates around the stationary pencil, slightly grinding and digging into the wood. These ridges strategically scrape and shave off the wood to reveal a sharp lead point. This cylinder comes on a clog mount at one end. You manually rotate the clog to work the sharp ridges over the pencil. When the pencil is sharp and pointed, the unique design allows the claps to loosen up. This tells you to stop the rotating the crank.

These helical or mechanical pencil sharpeners are suitable for desktop use. They usually come with a reservoir. Helix sharpeners are the best pencil sharpeners for classrooms, workshops and garage workers. They are efficient and give fine Prismacolor pencil tips. There is no need to master the technique for these sharpeners. Moreover, this sharpener is versatile since the clamp can fit in various pencil sizes.

5. Electrical Pencil Sharpeners Are Efficient For Classrooms

Electrical pencil sharpeners operate with either a battery or a plug-in wire cord. Electrical pencil chargers come with regular blade sharpeners as well as helix/crank mechanism. They come with a clamp to fix the pencil in place while the blades of the crank rotate on battery power to sharpen the pencil. Electrical pencil sharpeners are the best for classrooms, offices, commercial as well as personal use. These sharpeners are the most efficient and time-saving sharpeners. They come with a reservoir to collect all the scraps and shavings. Heavy duty electrical pencil sharpeners are the best choice for classrooms where multiple students frequently sharp their pencils. At the same time, electrical pencil sharpeners are an ideal choice for artists and art students who need sharp tips for the perfect strokes.

What to Look For In a Pencil Sharpener?

There are different types of pencil sharpeners as discussed above. They vary in mechanics, style and design. They also vary in the technique of use and the timing for sharpening a perfectly pointy tip. However, they all do one basic job; sharp the pencil for the perfect tip to write, draw or work with in any way you want. Everyone prefers their pencils in their own way. Some people like sharp, long and pointy tips while others like blunt, round tips to work with. Every sharpener varies in how it sharpens the pencil and so the final result varies accordingly. Here are a few things you must consider when buying a pencil sharpener. These attributes are equally important for both mechanical as well as the electrical pencil sharpeners for classrooms, artists, workshops, office and even personal home use.

However, before we move on to the nitty-gritty details of the best pencil sharpener for you, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself and then decide which type of pencil sharpener is best for you accordingly.

  • Why you need a pencil sharpener and
  • How you are going to use it?
  • Whether you are looking for a portable, lightweight pencil sharpener for everyday use and traveling?
  • Is it for your work desk, home or garage where you always need it to be in one place?
  • Is it for your personal use or a number of people will use it?
  • Is it for kids in a classroom or for adults?
  • And finally, do you prefer a time efficient electric sharpener or you are willing to work a couple of minutes on a manual sharpener?

Once you have the answer to these questions, you will have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. Next thing is to understand the attributes of a good sharpener so you can decide which specific type of pencil sharpener is best for you.

Read on to know how to gauge if a sharpener meets your specific needs and fits your personal preference for a perfectly sharp and fine pencil!

What Is The Best Size Of Pencil Sharpener For You?

If you are looking for a sharpener for personal everyday use or traveling, a small, portable, lightweight pencil sharpener is best for you. In this case, a regular blade sharpener or battery operated, the small electrical sharpener is best for you. The choice between regular blade sharpener and battery operated version is, of course, a personal preference. If you are an artist or someone who needs constantly sharp pencils to work with, then an electrical pencil sharpener is a better option.

However, if you are looking for a sharpener for your office or home, work desk, garage or a somewhere you need your sharpener to be in one reliable place, then helix sharpener or an electrical pencil sharpener with cord is a better option. Heavy duty electrical pencil sharpeners are also a great choice for classroom use.

What Is The Size Of The Pencil You Will Use It For?

For a perfectly sharp and pointy pencil, it is of utmost importance that you use the right size of the sharpener for your pencils. If the sharpener is too small the pencil will not fit in the sharpener to start with. If it is too large, the pencil will never be at the right angle for sharpening, no matter how hard you try. That is why always choose a sharpener that perfectly fits the size of your most used pencil. Generally, pencil sizes vary from 7mm to 10.5 or 11mm. Standard blade sharpeners are mostly for the most common 8mm pencil size.

In case, you use pencils of multiple sizes, you can select a sharpener with two or more holes of various sizes. Sharpeners with two holes are quite easily available from multiple brands. Moreover, you can opt for an adjustable clamp for helix and electric pencil sharpeners. In addition to this, multiple stationary brands offer additional accessories to work with the sharpeners to fit in multiple pencil sizes.

What Is The Shape Of Your Pencils?

The next thing to consider is the shape of the pencils and choose the best pencil sharpener accordingly. Pencils come in multiple shapes including, round, hexagonal, and triangular. All sharpeners can handle these common shapes. However, special sharpeners for each shape are also available in the market. If you use pencils of a specific shape only, then getting the specific pencil sharpener is the best option. This is especially true for the electric pencil sharpeners for art classes and workspaces.

The carpenter pencils are tapered flat pencils. Regular sharpeners do not work on these pencils. Either you will need a knife blade for these pencils or you can get a sharpener designed specifically for these flat pencils.

What Is The Best Pencil Sharpener For Colored Pencils, Graphite And Charcoal?

You might think that a pencil is just that; a pencil and a sharpener is a blade that will do its job and shave off the wood to reveal the inner lead and sharp it to your desired pointiness. Wrong! There are special sharpeners that work best on specific types of leads. This is because they are designed for those specific leads. Knife blades are the best for charcoals. While other sharpeners will work too, they will waste quite a lot of precious charcoal.

What Sharpening Angle Of The Pencil You Prefer?

Distinctive sharpeners offer varying degrees of sharp edges. Pencil tips with bigger points can indicate more lead and let you use the pencil somewhat longer before sharpening once more. Aside from this, pencil tips with little points will, in general, be harder with less lead breakage.

How Do You Like Your Lead Point?

You may think about how pointed the lead is after it’s been sharpened. A large number of school kids, as well as grownups, prefer very sharp tips for their leads, while others like adjusted tip according to their use or preference.

How Gentle Is The Pencil Sharpener?

A few sharpeners are excessively shaper and end up leaving the tip of your pencil. This outcome in breakage and you may waste it at the end. Despite the fact that you need the sharpener to sharpen well, ensure that it’s delicate on the pencil.

Is The Sharpener Clean Or Messy?

Usually, when you use sharpeners it leaves graphite marks behind on the wood. But we are never bothered by this because this leaves a pristine look to the pencils. Still, it is better to use sharpeners that don’t leave this residue behind.

How Versatile Is The Sharpener?

Well, it is noticed that a manual knife sharpener is inexpensive, and offers a low-tech way to keep your pencils at their best. Most of them allow you to adjust the right tip. Having a quality pencil sharpener of a reliable brand means you can sharpen your pencil to the ideal angle.

Best Pencil Sharpener For Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Following are the best pencil sharpener for Prismacolor colored pencils.

X-Acto XLR

The X-acto XLR is a simple unit with the sports subdued colors. This fits in nicely with most decor, and it won’t be an ugly thing on your desk. Utilizes unique PencilSaver technology, it extends the lifespan of your writing utensils to a wide extent.


Some of the prominent features of X-acto XLR are given below:

  • Reliable plug-in model
  • Produces very fine points
  • Makes a mess when emptying

Linkyo Smart Sensor

It has the high-volume capacity, and available at a good price. The Linkyo Smart Sensor comes with a crystal-clear, extra-large reservoir to hold the sharpening of 100+ pencils. This delivers even tips to make for smooth writing experience.


  • Patented auto-jam release
  • Lifespan of 3000 sharpenings
  • Feels a little flimsy

SmartRo Dual-Hole

When looking for something that fits in a briefcase or a backpack, SmartRo Dual-hole is the right choice. It often takes three seconds maximum to sharpen a dull pencil. This can be powered by USB or battery power for added convenience.


  • Attractive bright blue housing
  • Good choice for artists
  • Doesn’t come with a wall adapter

OfficeGoods V-7

OfficeGoods V-7 lets a user use a simple switch to choose a blunt, medium or even sharp tip. This helps in customizing your pencil to your writing needs. Moreover, it can be powered with a standard outlet, four AA batteries, or even via USB for the maximum usage.


  • Highly compact unit
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Small shavings bin

X-Acto School Pro

This is one of the best electric pencil sharpener designed for the teachers. The X-Acto School Pro has been specifically designed with the specific requirements of teachers in mind. It has a quiet motor that causes minimal disruption if a student uses it. Moreover, it lasts easily through a full year when others are working. No doubt, it is one of the heavy-duty electric pencil sharpeners for classroom use.


  • Makes semi-rounded points
  • See-through reservoir
  • Accommodates most pencil sizes

Bostitch Quietsharp 6

The Bostitch QuietSharp 6 is an attractive choice along with the functionality. What distinguishes it from the rest is that it looks great on a desk, shelf or table, and creates a good point. Also, it includes a tamper-proof safety switch to prevent the motor from running. When the shavings bin is removed, it eliminates possible messes.


  • Impressively quiet operation
  • Six-size dial for a firm hold
  • Hefty 4-pound weight

School Smart Vertical

It has the gravity to do the work of holding your writing utensil. It looks basic with but it is a reliable and dependable choice. The blades move quickly, and you can spend less time sharpening and get it right back to work. In addition to this, it is equipped with the high-traction bottom pads to keep it in the right place.


  • A right choice for classroom use
  • Kid-friendly safety features
  • Produce symmetrical points

Tripworthy 102256

This is impressively powerful for a battery-operated model. This packs a punch and is a great option for individuals who need a unit to travel with them. For safety precautions, this won’t function if any of its outer pieces are not attached.


  • Compact & lightweight
  • Auto-stops when tips are sharp
  • Cost-effective price

Officepro OPVPC1

The OfficePro OPVPC1 has stainless steel helical blades to retain the pencil edge well. Effectively, this ensures that it will continue to operate quickly and efficiently for several years to come. Also, it works well with lots of daily use. The best part is that it is powered by four AA batteries, as well as the sports easy-to-grip body.


  • Creates sturdy points
  • Reservoir holds lots of pencil shavings
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

The dangerous thing about kid’s hands, which is assumed that almost all the schools are still preferring manual sharpeners to electric ones. Also, they have a few digits that are actually small and not enough to fit inside these sharpeners.

Nobody really ever got hurt due to the number of finger sharpening going on. This is directly related to the pressure on the handle, where most kids pulled their fingers out at the moment when they felt the gears are turning inside.

Well, most pencil sharpeners whether manual or electric, consist of two corrugated barrels. Usually, they have moderately sharp edges. Pencil point ends up between these points, and the edges carve away at the pencil’s wood as well as the graphite in waves. This effectively produces a sharper and sharper point to the pencil. The longer you spend in the moving machine, the more you can get the good results.

Electric Sharpeners Have Simple Sensors

Electric sharpeners have simple sensors that always detect the presence of the pencil in it. Whether it is by touch or light sensitivity, everything depends on the brand or model. One can pass the pencil tip to engage the sharpener.

Adjustable Sharpness Settings

Almost all of us know that fancier models have adjustable sharpness settings. Usually, these are useful for the people, looking to have the right point to their pencils. It is very important to use it properly before you are writing on the paper. If you are a pencil writing lover, then you must have a terrible feeling in your body when the pencil breaks. It begins with your fingertips and jumps aggressively up the arm. Having a sharp pencil is the fastest remedy, but this is not always the case.

Accomplish One Task at the Same Time

Be a smart worker, and prefer to accomplish one task at the same time. This helps in reveling in the specificity of your moments. Keep a high-quality pencil sharpener in or around, as your workspace is the only place to keep this with the creative progress. Consider electric sharpener to enter into your workflow. This matters a lot, and your specific use of the pencils will be up-to-the-mark.

Useful For Multi-Task Individuals

An extensive number of multi-task individuals find writing or drawing with one hand useful. Moreover, this helps you to cook food, make coffee or tea and the rest of the work while writing. When you are looking for an electric pencil sharpener to have its hole located on top, follow all the above-mentioned options. Some of the models keep everything in place if you try to push your pencil into them. On the one hand, this helps in pushing the sharpener itself across your desk without spreading any sort of graphite.

With an electronic sharpener, let gravity assist you to press your pencil downward. Make it happened until the tip is perfectly honed.

There are gift shops and stationery stores everywhere that sells novelty pencils of big size. These are particularly very difficult to write with. Also, they are even harder to sharpen. Reach back to the earliest days of the pencil for a suitable sharpening method – the knife. Earlier, the pencil sharpeners were knives and hands, used to sharpen the edges of a pencil to a certain point. The graphite tip sticks out just far enough to be of good use.

The electric pencils are strikingly great. These are the contemporary models that are effective and more functional in its manufacture.

What Is The Best Pencil Sharpener For Colored Pencils?

Following are considered the best pencil sharpener for colored pencils according to our research.

X-Acto Bulldog Pencil Sharpener

X-ACTO Bulldog is a manual sharpener that is good for workshops as well as the classrooms. These sharpeners are exclusively designed for common usage. For efficient, easy and reliable sharpening, this is the right tool.


  • Hard helical cutter with a nice and vacuum mount
  • Transparent container lets you see if it is filled or not. Once it is full with large, you can empty it.
  • Fix the sharpener to a nonporous surface

Overall, this pencil sharpener is convenient to use. Use it in a serious work environment like a workshop or classroom, because this tool is very useful. Fixing it on any rough surface makes it an amazing feature. But the only con is that you must have to treat it carefully. The outer case is designed of plastic and can easily break if the sharpener falls. This is equipped with a container to hold bigger shavings easily. There is no need to clean it often.

Prismacolor Scholar Sharpener

Unlike regular pencils, these have a different composition. While sharpening, the most utilitarian sharpeners tend to over-sharpen the soft pigments. This further leads to an uneven color application while writing on the paper. This may also lead to cracking. In the case with the Prismacolor Scholar Sharpener, things are is different. These are exclusively designed to provide a perfect effect. This is easy to clean, easy to use with the solid design that speaks beyond. This is one of the best pencil sharpener for prismacolor colored pencils.


  • Sharpens the colored pencils perfectly
  • Gentle on the colored pencil.
  • Compact design that easily fits in any case.
  • The translucent body

Mroco Pencil Sharpener

Do a lot of art, when you have Mroco Pencil Sharpener. This pencil sharpener offers a nice tip of the pencil.Also, this is one of the best pencil sharpeners for prismacolor colored pencils.


This pencil sharpener is designed by keeping students, teachers, and artists in mind. Moreover, it boasts durability and best performance. The best part is that it is of the top quality materials to make your job completed with ease each time. For a flawless performance, this is one of the best choices. Furthermore, it is safe for younger children.

Staedtler Double Hole Pencil Sharpener

Staedtler Double Hole Pencil Sharpener has features to accommodate varied colored and usual pencils. Sharpen both triangular and round writing pencils without any sort of trouble. This can be used for bigger colored pencils due to the durable materials as well as a nice silver & blue plastic. What set it apart is that the case is transparent, enough space and very easy to clean. It is also considered as the best pencil sharpener for prismacolor colored pencils by many reviews.


  • Sturdy case
  • Two sharpening holes
  • Reservoir is transparent

Bostitch Twist-N-Sharp

Bostitch Twist-N-Sharp is effective, portable, unique, and efficient. These features have made this sharpener the best sharpeners for colored pencils. Unlike other sharpeners, it has the back and forth mechanism. Also, the quality blades provide an ideal sharpness in less time.


  • Three different colors: Blue, Coral and Purple
  • Quick ratchet for sharpening.
  • Can be customized for blunt and sharp tips
  • Stops over-sharpening and prevents the lead from cracking
  • Side-door is candy-colored and transparent

What Is The Best Electric Sharpener For Prismacolor Pencils?

According to our research, following are the best electric sharpener for prismacolor pencils.

Bostitch Quietsharp Glow

Bostitch QuietSharp Glow is one of the best sharpeners for colored pencils. It simply has everything that you want in the electric sharpener. With a super quiet motor, this is specially manufactured for industrial applications. Moreover, the blade can be easily replaced.

This sharpener is a great workhorse of a pencil sharpener that won’t weaken if you are sharpening 170 pieces set of colored pencils. This sharpener is widely available in the online stores with a 7-year warranty. Also, this is trusted in classrooms as well as the studios because of its best designs and high performance.

Colore Electric Pencil Sharpener

Colore Electric Pencil Sharpener is powerful, small, battery operated heavy duty and safe for every age group. The first couple of uses are fine, but after about a week the batteries begin draining, and the performance slows. So it is necessary to charge it time by time. The best part is that it is backed by a lifetime guarantee and widely considered a safe sharpener for school kids. Powered through 4 AA batteries, this can sharpen an entire set of colored pencils without any issue. Colore sharpener is not only reliable but extremely cost-effective.

Officegoods Electric & Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener

Electric & Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener is good for Home, Office and School. What set it apart is that it sharpens evenly Every Time and Great for the Perfect Point of a pencil. This is very similar to the EX-20 sharpener, and considered perfect due to a number of positive reviews. Designed for graphite and colored pencils, it can slice through the pencils effortlessly. Also, you can chip or snap the soft cores in colored pencils.

This is one of the highest rated and reviewed sharpeners. Several artists have exclaimed that this provides a sharp and even point every time. Also, it did not get clogged, and have an extensive number of positive reviews.

Like the EX-20 – this allows for the following power usage options:

  • AC Power
  • USB Power
  • 4 AAs

The power options are ideal for those who are always moving around.

Ex-20 Electric Pencil Sharpener

EX-20 Electric Pencil Sharpener has the heavy duty helical blade with auto-stop function. This is Ideal for colored pencils, as many artists like it to draw and color. Also, it is designed with a durable industrial design for offices and schools.

Artists loved this for a number of reasons, but one that stood it out the most is the power options. This is one of the most versatile choices in our list, as this electric sharpener can be powered via standard AC outlet, USB or 4 AA batteries. Variable tip setting is also the best feature so far in this electric pencil sharpener.

You can’t purchase a pair of blades separately, but this is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Simply contact the company for the free replacement, if any.

Linkyo Electric Pencil Sharpener

LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener has the Multi-Size Insert Slot. This cute little sharpener is also known as the perfect fixture for a budding artist’s studio. It is comfortable to use, and also ensures that the shavings get cleanly cut away.  Additionally, LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener has a safety and efficiency features built in to make it a great addition to our list. Most notably, it has a child-safe tray. With this safety feature, one can turn off the sharpener when the tray is removed. This ensures no accidents occur to those who are traveling most often.

Specifications and Warranty

Secondly, this electric pencil sharpener turns off once the pencil is sharpened to reduce the risk of over sharpening your pencils. Comes with an exclusive 1-year warranty, it’s a great corded sharpener to get the job done. The oversized opening also allows the pencils up to 11mm in diameter. So expect to get a reliably sharp point, each time you use it.

There is an extensive number of electric pencil sharpeners in the local and online stores more than what we discussed. Still, only a few are really good ones that work well with colored pencils.

After a lot of research, these are best in our list. We believe you will love any one of them!